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17 FEB 2007 Apaches rescue the Cavalry

Tigris River, 17 February, 2007 “You guys really are angels on our shoulder!”

This weather sucks. I am walking to the TOC from the trailer, trying to avoid mud puddles and occasionally looking over toward the tall antenna on the west side of the camp next to Route Tampa to see if it is visible. [...]

Party Like It’s 1999….BC

Afghanistan may be returning to its recent Taliban past by publicly stoning adulterers.

Afghan government officials have proposed reintroducing public stoning as a punishment for adultery, Human Rights Watch said, even though the practice has been denounced both inside and outside the country as one of the most repugnant symbols of the Taliban regime. [...]

Soldiers of Fortune

From a blog called “Price Economics” comes this interesting post on the return of the mercenary the past decade or so.

The brazenness of the attack on the Cole, and the fact that non-state actors achieved it, signified an historic change. The American military turned to the private sector for assistance in fighting this [...]

Israeli Gears (Up for Hezbollah)

Israel plays hardball with a little chin music for Syria.

Israel said it would not allow advanced weapons to fall into the hands of Hezbollah, after a raid on Syria that opposition sources said had hit an air force garrison believed to be holding Russian-made missiles destined for the militant group.

Israel has a [...]

Thank You Sir May I Have Another?

Army Capt. William Swenson receiving his MOH today.

Former Army Capt. William Swenson — fresh off of receiving his Medal of Honor for actions against the Taliban in 2009 has asked to return to active duty in the Army. He left the Army in 2011.

The former Army captain who received the Medal of [...]


Sorry if this has already been shared in the Open Thread this week. As mentioned, my head’s been a little groggy. It’s finally awake, in no small part thanks to this.

Wednesday Open Thread

Today is a day to feel angry all over again. It is good to be reminded.

Just a Regular Rendition

It looks like a few former CIA employees won’t be vacationing in Italy for awhile. From the L.A. Times’ Ken Dilanian:

A State Department official said Friday that a former CIA base chief in Italy who was convicted in absentia in the 2003 kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric and reportedly arrested recently is headed back [...]

John Steer

The complete and utter emasculation of the United Kingdom is near complete with the public murder and beheading of a British soldier on a public street by a couple of jihadist men — in London.

A dramatic video tonight emerged of a man with bloodied hands, carrying knives and ranting ‘We swear by almighty [...]

Insult Meet Injury

This is outrageous. Obama is going to say some pretty words today. Don’t forget his administration is a cluster foxtrot From NBC Dallas-Ft. Worth:

The Department of Defense confirms to NBC 5 Investigates that accused Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Hasan has now been paid more than $278,000 since the Nov. 5, 2009 shooting that [...]