Crickets in the key of 'D'

Andrew Price, per the norm, slices and dices the hypocrisy of the left’s war protestors, and further nails ’em with this in the comments section.

I was just saying that I think there is an added reason they hated Bush rather than just that he forced them to confront the reality of what they […]

How Do You Spell Hypocrite? M-S-N-B-C

The valiant class warriors over at MSNBC have a very taxing problem on their hands:

MSNBC’s hosts and guests regularly call for higher taxes on the rich, condemning wealthy individuals and corporations who don’t pay their taxes or make use of loopholes. But recent reports, as well as records reviewed by National Review, show […]

New Year, Same Old Dumbassery

Well it appears that once again, no liberals made a New Year’s resolution to start using their brains this year, because they waited less than a day into the new year before reacting with spittle-flecked outrage over yet another non-controversy.

On New Year’s Day, Sarah Palin posted the above pictures of her […]

Fame, what’s your name?

I was scanning through the internets and ran across this picture of “actress” Vanessa Hudgens coming out of someplace in LA and attempting to hide her face from the gathered paparazzi.

I wondered to myself why, if one was in showbiz like she is, would you expect that the vultures that make up that […]

Who We're Dealing With

Edited to add: The Television Without Pity moderator deleted the part of the post I mention here.  Guy’s still an asshole, though.

Most of my (non-online) friends are libs, but none of them has ever sunk to the depths of this scary idiot.  You don’t have to go further than his opening paragraph.  It’s […]

Maybe Giving Drone Operators Awards Isn’t SO Bad After All…

Check this out checker outers…

In an article from the Dayton Daily News, we find out that an Air National Guard Chaplain has been awarded the Bronze Star…for a powerpoint presentation.

After the accidental burning last year of Qurans by U.S. troops in Afghanistan sparked deadly rioting, an Air National Guard chaplain from Springfield stepped […]

The dad does not abide

Is it just me, or have kids gotten really lazy with their lying techniques?


From the irony is ironic department, the guy who is reaping thousands upon thousands of dollars from Americans actually really doesn’t care from us all that much.

In the past PSY, who is currently very popular due to his “Gangnam Style” video (I posted a version done by US Soldiers in Korea in another […]

SUPER Genius

I would think before someone would pontificate in the public square about evil guns, their capabilities and uses one would try and educate themselves, and I would be wrong.


Happiness in slavery

OK, I’ve prayed and slept on it, and here’s what I’ve come up with as dust settles on one of the many hoodwinks of the 2012 election cycle: For those of you on the left (both genders) who bought into Team Obama’s phony “War on Women” meme, I paid attention to your Facebook posts. I […]