And the award for the most bitter clinger goes to …

… the driver of the car to which the below bumper sticker’s attached. As seen in the parking garage at the UCLA Medical Center, guessing they really must have been extra cranky walking the facility fully known as the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Now THAT Is A Lot of Bombs

Check out this B-36 dropping bombs at Eglin AFB, FL back in the day.

Even -fritz- was too young to have been around for this one.

See this article about the saga of the last B-36 and how the City of Fort Worth tried to save it

What a beast of […]

These may have been the droids you were looking for?

But wait, there were more???

Lost in all the hubbub last week about the atrocious (and recently redacted) “redesigned flag” that the Obama campaign featured on its website as part of the “Artists for Obama” project, was one of the other four logos chosen by Team Obama.


50 Years Ago This Week…

A plane designed with slide rules and imagination first took off. Throughout its career it set world records that have never been equaled. It was retired not because we have something better but to save money. The Lockheed family of the A-12/YF-12/SR-71 were a national treasure and an engineering masterpiece. A real tribute to […]

You’ll Never See This Again

While surfing the INTERNET I found this report done by CBS News in 1965. It’s a fairly straight up report. Something I could never imagine seeing done today by any network, much less CBS. Highly recommended to anyone interested in military history.

That is what they want, this is what they get

Ranger Up’s awesome team, at it yet again with their latest shirt, now available for pre-order. However — and completely sucking up to Outlaw — rather they’d used an Apache firing the kill-shots.


a) We made this shirt to mock the bastardization of an inane verse in the Koran by Islamic fundamentalists to […]

Wherefore Art Thou … Mercedes Ruehl?

A face and voice (oh, that voice) so present in many of my favorite late 80s and early 90s movies — Big, Married to the Mob, The Secret of My Success, The Fisher King, Last Action Hero (yes, I liked it), plus a memorable run on Frasier — now relegated to bit TV parts […]

My Old Unit Kicks Some Ass…OEF 11-12

Warriors! Attack!

Jane Fonda, Commie, Traitor, B!#@H!

Jane Fonda, well known collaborator and giver of aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war, is upset that there are some who still actually remember this and through pressure on QVC forced her scheduled appearance to be canceled.

As quoted in an E-Online Article she said…

“Bottom line, this has […]

Whatever Happened To…?

I was just listening to this week’s Ricochet podcast, which featured Peter Robinson, James Lileks, Rob Long, Byron York and Andrew Breitbart–you really should be listening–and whose book were they plugging?

Our old friend, Rich Trzupek’s!  It’s in the Encounter Books’ Broadsides series, and isn’t the same as the one we’ve been advertising at the […]