Blankety Blank

Here’s a great piece from about the language we use and our personal signature words. What is your “fingerprint” word?

Not too long ago, I was forced to come to grips with something terrible about myself. I use the word iteration a lot. More than any human being should. If I had to ballpark […]

Spelling 101

Nobody here pushed me over the edge to finally making this poster, but the point still needed to be made somewhere besides my Facebook page/wall/timeline/whatever. Whose Who’s your daddy, Johnny Mellencamp?

Threedonia’s Word of the Day

Generosity: Readiness to give more of something, esp. money, than is necessary or expected; liberality, munificence. (OED March 2012 online edition).

Today’s word is inspired by an anonymous couple in Houston, Texas.

Three days later and Greg Rubar still can’t believe his good fortune. But there it is, staring at him plain as day: 50 […]

Threedonia’s Word of the Day — Sycophant

Greetings Threedonians. The inspiration for today’s words comes from the folks over at slate. From the Oxford

English Dictionary comes this definition of “Sychophant”: “A mean, servile, cringing, or abject flatterer; a parasite, toady, lickspittle.” Second edition, 1989; online version September 2011

And now on with the proceedings. I give you ladies, gentlemen […]

Threedonia’s Word For the Day — Pathetic

The Oxford English Dictionary provides many definitions of “pathetic”, but #6 will suffice:

“a. colloq. Miserably inadequate; of such a low standard as to be ridiculous or contemptible.” Third edition, June 2005; online version September 2011

The example for today’s word is Mark Bradford from the UK:

A middle-aged man charged round to the […]

Bachmann Power Overdrive

I’m officially done*** with Michelle Bachmann.

A University of Minnesota bioethicist is offering $1,000 for medical proof that a woman’s daughter suffered mental retardation from the vaccine for human papillomavirus virus, a story that was told by Rep. Michele Bachmann after Monday’s debate.

Bachmann has come under fire from the medical community for suggesting […]

Threedonia's Word of the Day: Niggard

Scrooge McDuck is a niggard.

1. a. A mean, stingy, or parsimonious person; a miser; a person who only grudgingly parts with, spends, or uses up anything. Also in extended use with reference to emotion, etc.

c. A harsh, insensitive, or thoughtless person; a lout, a barbarian. Also as a more general term of […]

Threedonia’s Word for the Day: Bastard

This is not good for our society — much less the chillens.

Threedonia’s Word for the Day — Mendacious

Mendacious: Lying, untruthful; false. OED 2d ed, June 2008 draft revision.

Example… newly elected Rep. Bill Owens from the formerly unknown NY-23. He scored a trifecta plus one (is there a tetrafecta or quadfetca???) by breaking 4 campaign promises in his very first hour. Most Congressmen have to wait at least a month. He’s such […]

Threedonia’s Word of the Day — Saturday

Valour: The quality of mind which enables a person to face danger with boldness or firmness; courage or bravery, esp. as shown in warfare or conflict; valiancy, prowess.

From The New York Times…. Sgt. Kimberly Munley — the woman who brought down Major Muhammad Asshole at Ft. Hood.

The police officer who brought down a […]