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Don't believe the (lack of) hype

Franco Harris’ “Tiennamen Square” showdown, blocking the Penn State Board of Trustees dog-and-pony-show transportation van so they’ll be forced to face the music from Franco and other alums at last week’s “March 4 Truth” rally.

Words simply aren’t enough to describe the lengths to which filmmaker John Ziegler has gone (and continues to go) [...]

110 Stories -- 12 years later

If you’re in the LA area next month, specifically 9/11 (Wednesday), please consider attending the latest staged reading of “110 Stories,” by Sarah Tuft. Great play of the cathartic variety, great cast so far (which will only get even better), and a great charity. Proud to support the efforts of producer (and friend of [...]

With no apologies to George Carlin ...

… the word belongs on this list. Classic, almost up there with the “In the butt” line from the old Newlywed Game.

(As I’m more the vulgarian than usual of late, wondering if Floyd will hide this one below the fold, too. Just kidding, Boss-Man. The “Plunging” post works better the way you designed [...]

Promises, promises

H/T:’s Extra Mustard

John the Revelator (a reminder)

Telling anyone who’s been paying attention to John Mellencamp’s since he still used “Cougar” as his middle stage name the news he’s “as left-wing as you can get” ain’t no new news here. However, his recent interview with Salon does give me as good a time as any to re-publish what I originally posted [...]

3D Weekend Five: UR Summer Reading List Here

It’s that time again…when I reread last summer’s list and wince over how I blew it. But, in the spirit of turning the page…

Mine this year is a mix of conservative thought, silent film star bios, and fodder for this fall’s writing classes

5 On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature – C. S. [...]

3D Weekend Five: Best Written TV Series

The Writer’s Guild tossed a little list out this past week, trying to get attention (meow).  They pronounced 101 shows to be TV’s “best written” of all time.

Time to sock it to the Harper Valley WGA.  Name your own.

5.  Scrubs: Bill Lawrence took up where Larry Gelbart left off.  It’s “MASH: The Early  Civilian Years”.

4.  Sex & [...]

Who We're Dealing With

Edited to add: The Television Without Pity moderator deleted the part of the post I mention here.  Guy’s still an asshole, though.

Most of my (non-online) friends are libs, but none of them has ever sunk to the depths of this scary idiot.  You don’t have to go further than his opening paragraph.  It’s [...]

Holy Sh*t!

Salon posted an excerpt from this book by Melissa Mohr a few days ago:

The 18th and 19th centuries’ embrace of linguistic delicacy and extreme avoidance of taboo bestowed great power on those words that broached taboo topics directly, freely revealing what middle-class society was trying so desperately to conceal. Under these conditions of [...]

3D Weekend Five: Sad Country Songs

In memory of George Jones, whose most famous hit is the saddest of ‘em all.

5.  A Bad Goodbye (Clint Black & Wynonna Judd):  A lovely duet that’s all about divorce.  As so many sad country songs are.

4.  You Don’t Love Me Anymore (Eddie Rabbitt):  Told ya.

3.  Crying (Roy Orbison):  Wonderful.  And yet, [...]