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From the Trailer Park – The Wolverine (update)

Yup, still geeked. Bring on the increased IMAX prices.

Tuesday with Eric

I love my bad-ass “Major League Infidel” t-shirt, wearing it whenever/wherever I know veterans and current military personnel will be (as anyone at the “First Attack …” premiere will attest), so you can imagine how stoked I was to meet Adam at the SafetyHeroes benefit/Nugent concert last night. His is more bad-ass, though, for two [...]

This Just In…

Elizabeth Hurley is still hot…by the way she’s 47!

…that is all.

Look, up in the SoCal sky!!!

Can’t tell if the CA flag’s upside-down or not, but a few shots of Endeavour as it flew through our Valley location. Painfully obvious which camera’s mine (upon further inspection, not as painful, but still obvious who still owns a dumb-phone).

Update: Texacalirose wanted to show off her superior photo firepower. What [...]

Eat Like You Mean It…

I have not seen this one on TV yet. I would expect it would appear during a football game or NASCAR race if it appears at all. It may just be viral marketing and I fell for their cunning plan. Oh, well I’ve always been a sucker for Hamburgers and BBQ.

Bite Me!

Too fat? Only if she's 7'2".

While they seem to be playing a lot of catch-up condemning Kate Upton for being in a steamy (and NSFW) Carl’s Jr. burger, pro-anorexia website SkinnyGossip still has found the time to blast model Kate Upton for being “lardy,” “piggy” and, oddly, a cannibal.

Moving on to the [...]

Spoonin’ (please get your minds from gutter, pervs)

For Floyd and other Black Keys fans.

H/T:’s Hot Clicks

I like … Batman

I’m no Outlaw in the photography department, but still figured a few folks might appreciate the mass gathering of all the TV and movie Batmobiles which assembled outside my office earlier today. Presumably en masse for a Dark Knight promotion, here they all are before they rolled down to the weekly car show at the [...]

Now that’s an album cover

Avengers, assemble!!!

Whoever wants to join me at the Burbank AMC 16 for the Marvel Hero Marathon, please do that clickety-clack here and then request your day off from work like I did over lunch.

Six Movies. One Epic Day. $40 Ticket. Thursday, May 3, 2012 – 11:30am This marathon is fit for the [...]