Top 5: Small Towns

Thrillist has a nice list up of the best small towns in Europe, two of which I’ve been to, and many others I’m hoping to see someday. I think one of the biggest mistakes people make when they travel is to always stay in the big cities and never get out and see the small […]

Winter In The Land of the Rising Sun

If you’re one of those people who enjoys the beauty of winter scenery, you probably couldn’t find a better travel destination than Shirakawa-go, a small village nestled in the mountains of Japan that happens to be one of the snowiest places on Earth. From The Smithsonian:

The picturesque mountain village of Shirakawa-go — which literally […]

Friday Open Thread

Fall in Poland.

Wednesday Open Thread

Lakeside Cabin

Pragser Wildsee, Italy

Biblical Lives in Modern Times

Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado traveled to the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia, a region known as the “roof of Africa”. There he documented an isolated Christian village, virtually untouched by civilization for millennia. It is believed to be one of the world’s first Christian communities, going back to only a few years after the death of […]

Small Town Tourists

Chinese tourists checking out a Kidlington resident’s garden.

The NY Times tells the story of one of the world’s most unlikely tourist destinations: Kidlington, a small British town with absolutely no cultural or tourist attractions to speak of. Nevertheless, it has become a major travel hotspot among the Chinese.

Ever since busloads of Chinese […]