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The Walking Thread: Heads Up (S6:E7)

Well, let’s get this out of the way right now: HE’S ALIVE! HOLY CRAP, GLENN’S ALIVE! *regains composure*

That’s right, after teasing us about Glenn’s fate for three episodes, the show finally reveals, at the very beginning of this episode, that Glenn survived the assault of the Walker horde back in “Thank You”, apparently […]

The Walking Thread: Always Accountable (S6:E6)

Well, not a whole lot happened, but given that this episode is centered around crossbow-wielding redneck Daryl Dixon, the most popular character on the show, it’s doubtful anyone cared. Daryl is one of those characters that we could watch read the phone book for a whole episode, and I doubt too many fans would […]

The Walking Thread : Now (S6:E5)

Well, the barbarians are officially at the gates, aren’t they?

“Now” opens with Rick making it back to Alexandria (apparently he avoided all those Walkers that were swarming his RV by outrunning them – clearly he remembered to follow Rule #1 of the zombie apocalypse), but unfortunately he doesn’t come back alone. The hundreds […]

The Walking Thread: Here's Not Here (S6:E4)

So, we finally get to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Morgan’s origin story. In this 90-minute (commercials included) episode which features none of the other main cast, we are told – in flashback – how he went from the deranged shell of a man we met in season 3 to the zen, staff-wielding badass who […]

The 7 Most Conservative Horror Movies of the 2000s

With all due respect to The Federalist, they’re seriously stretching logic with this list, so I thought I’d add one of my own. And to keep things simple, I’m focusing only on American movies that have come out in the 2000s. Here are the 7 most conservative horror movies of the last 15 years: