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Oh the Halcion Days Before Ambien — Waking Dead Edition

Here’s an interesting/frightening piece on the side effects of Ambien. I’ve never taken the stuff and as always with these kinds of stories the danger of turning a few data points into a trend is ever present. That being said… it is an interesting read, From Alternet:

On March 29, 2009, Robert Stewart, 45, [...]

Gave proof through the night ...

… more than a few children should be left behind …

H/T — Ranger Up/Unapologetically American

From the Trailer Park — World War Z

From the Trailer Park — World War Z

Be shameless

These may have been the droids you were looking for?

But wait, there were more???

Lost in all the hubbub last week about the atrocious (and recently redacted) “redesigned flag” that the Obama campaign featured on its website as part of the “Artists for Obama” project, was one of the other four logos chosen by Team Obama.

Sleep with one eye open

Not my bag, baby, but looks cool for any horror nuts.

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett announced today that he will publish his first book, Too Much Horror Business – The Kirk Hammett Collection, this October via Abrams Image. Documenting Kirk’s love of all things horror, and the legendary collection of horror memorabilia he has amassed [...]

The things that should not be

We have Metallica fans in these here parts. We have zombie fans, too. So, forthwith to bringing together both those worlds with guitarist Kirk Hammett’s top five zombie flicks.

“You know it does seem like a zombie apocalypse is coming, llike we’re at the very beginning of a zombie invasion. I would imagine this is [...]

Be a helper

Little long to make a point, but still pretty damn funny.