From The Trailer Park - Swiss Army Man

A castaway (Paul Dano) attempts to escape a deserted island with the help of a corpse (Daniel Radcliffe) that has washed ashore.

Looks good, despite the weird premise.

Mirror, mirror, on the Wall

Good luck getting anyone on the left to believe the 1% they purport to loathe actually represents all the things they advocate — abortion, open borders, tranny bathrooms, etc. — but the numbers don’t lie. Feh. As if those pesky facts matter much to them these days.

Please be sure to read the below […]

The Walking Thread: Last Day on Earth (S6:E16)

“I’m Negan. And I do not appreciate you killing my men. Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people. Not cool.”

The Walking Dead closes out Season 6 with a finale that, for better or worse, will have fans talking about it […]

The Walking Thread: East (S6, E15)

“East” is essentially a filler episode, “the deep breath before the plunge” as Gandalf would say, killing time before next week’s series finale, which is sure to be intense as all get-out. As a result, I’m willing to cut it some slack for its slow pacing and lazy storytelling, but even so, it’s one […]

The Walking Thread: Twice As Far (S6, E14)

I mentioned in a previous review that TWD very much subscribes to American Sniper’s philosophy of humanity being divided up into sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. In keeping with this theme, “Twice As Far” tells the story of two sheep (Denise and Eugene) who decide to venture out of the safety of Alexandria into the […]

The Walking Thread: The Same Boat (S6, E13)

Claustrophic and brutal, “The Same Boat” continues this season’s trend of mixing things up from episode to episode. No large-scale battle scenes or multiple character arcs this time around. Instead, the show gets relentlessly up-close and personal, sticking Carol and Maggie in a killing box with a very unpleasant group of Saviors and Walkers, […]

The Walking Thread: Not Tomorrow Yet (S6:E12)

As fate continues to hurtle Team Rick into the path of the elusive Negan, “Not Tomorrow Yet” delivers an action-packed 40 minutes, peppered with some powerful character moments and a sobering reminder of just how far these characters are willing to go to survive and make their community work. It’s very well-done storytelling, that […]

The Walking Thread: Knots Untie (S6:E11)

Jesus truly is a peacemaker.

While not as intense or eventful as most recent episodes, “Knots Untie” does a very effective job of setting up the rest of the season plot-wise while still remaining entertaining and watchable throughout. Primarily this is due to the kind of excellent character development and exciting action we’ve come […]

The Walking Thread: The Next World (S6, E10)

“The Next World” summarized in a nutshell: Rick and Daryl go on a road trip and find Jesus. What?! Read on and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

After nine episodes of almost unrelenting intensity, TWD finally stops to take a break, for an episode that is, by Walking Dead standards, breezy, entertaining, and […]

The Walking Thread: No Way Out (S6, E9)

Intense, heartbreaking and badass, “No Way Out” is a fantastic midseason premiere that delivers for TWD fans on every expected level (and goes above and beyond on some of them). It runs the characters (and us) through a gamut of emotions before climaxing with one of the single best set pieces in the show’s […]