The Walking Thread: Something They Need (S7, E15)

Season 7 builds toward the finale with an excellent penultimate episode that ramps up the action and puts all the pieces in place for next week’s final confrontation. To win the war against the Saviors, Team Rick will need two things: guns and courage. This episode is where they finally acquire the former, but […]

The Walking Thread: The Other Side (S7, E14)

TWD returns to Hilltop for an episode mostly devoted to setting up future conflicts (Gregory vs. Maggie, Rosita and Sasha vs. Negan, everyone vs. the Saviors) that will pay off later. It’s well-made and has a few tense moments and good character-based scenes, but on the whole its pacing is so deliberate that even […]

The Walking Thread: Bury Me Here (S7, E13)

In “Bury Me Here”, we finally see the long-simmering tensions between the Kingdom and the Saviors explode into violence, an inevitable development (particularly considering the trajectory of the season heading into the war against the Saviors), but an unfortunate one, as it comes at the price of two lives and Morgan’s sanity. Carol’s long-sought […]

The Walking Thread: Say Yes (S7, E12)

Apologies for the tardiness of the review – I wasn’t able to post it yesterday due to illness and technical issues.

Continuing the generally upbeat tone of Season 7’s back half, “Say Yes” has Rick and Michonne (aka Richonne) going on a scavenging trip to find the guns they need to convince Jadis and […]

The Walking Thread: Hostiles and Calamities (S7, E11)

TWD slows things down a bit for a character-driven episode that visits the Saviors and sees how Eugene is faring in their clutches, and the answer is, surprisingly well. Eugene is a survivor – more of a pragmatist than a coward – and while he prefers to do the right thing, like everyone else […]

The Walking Thread: New Best Friends (S7, E10)

TWD has always walked a shaky line between being the kind of character-driven drama AMC is known for, and the gritty Zombie Apocalypse horror show of the comics it’s based on. Up until recently it’s leaned toward the former, but with “New Best Friends” the show embraces its pulpy roots and goes the full […]

The Walking Thread: Rock in the Road (S7, E9)

The back half of TWD Season 7 kicks off with a midseason premiere that is (relatively) uneventful, but very well-made and entertaining. None of the usual fireworks, character deaths or major plot revelations, just good solid storytelling, bolstered by lots of watchable character interactions, humor, and a fantastic action set piece in the middle. […]

The Walking Thread: Hearts Still Beating (S7, E8)

With the mid-season finale “Hearts Still Beating”, the show takes a major change in tone and starts building some serious momentum. In a sense, the episode’s title (referring to a statement by Aaron about how you do what you have to do to keep your heart, and those of your loved ones, still beating) […]

From The Trailer Park - The Mummy

A man (Tom Cruise) leads an expedition to find an ancient sarcophagus, and must fight to protect humanity when a powerful and evil Egyptian princess (Sofia Boutella) is awakened. Also stars Russell Crowe and Courtney B. Vance.

The Walking Thread: Sing Me A Song (S7, E7)

After nearly a half-season of setting up plotlines, “Sing Me A Song” is when they start to be threaded together. It’s not a perfect episode, and much of its enjoyment will depend on how much you like the character of Negan (because there’s a lot of him), but either way it’s a more entertaining […]