Class warfare

Kathleen Parker today on “The Final Hours”.

A friend’s late-night call cast light on the undecided’s milieu. She was filling out her ballot at home and had made every choice but one. The presidential ticket.

“I just can’t quite bring myself to do it. I hate Sarah Palin. Help me out here.”

I laughed. […]

DIY Toast Costume


Steyn Song o’ the Week: Witchcraft


Oh, that voo-doo that he-do so well… from

A Halloween Song for the Season by Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh I’ve always loved songs that use magic as an image of romantic seduction and intoxication. Cole Porter got in on it early in “You Do Something To Me” (1928):

Let me live […]

Palin Priorities

Yeah, sure she’s down by 3 and the election is only 4 days away, but gol’ darn it, that’s no reason the kids should miss out on Halloween.

(from FoxNews)

LATROBE, PA –Sarah Palin is doing a bus tour of Pennsylvania today making her first stop here before heading east across this must-win state that […]

Don’t Feel Like Wearing a Costume? Dress Your Car!

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Happy Obamaweeeeen!

Behold the Barack O Lantern.

Photo by Kristin Krisky via morgueFile

Problem: You Love Kiss, but You’re Dead… No Problem!

For just $4,500 you can spend eternity with Gene and the boys.


The “KISS® Kasket” is completely covered with a specially laminated photomural that features the KISS® logo and the images of the band members. The words “KISS® Forever” are imprinted on the side of the casket. In addition, “KISS® Kasket” can […]

When Pumpkins Go Bad

Everyday Superheroes

(text and pictures from  Witty, italicized captions by rufus)

Superbarrio (Mexico)

“Yo quiero uno burrito, mucho grande.  Yo tengo muy hombre.”

He’s faster than a speeding turtle, able to leap small speed bumps in a single bound. Look, up in the sky … Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superbarrio […]

Toast post: A neceesary part of Halloween survival

I hope you started your Halloween off with toast…

I didn’t want my children to go into any kind of diabetic coma today, so I was making eggs for breakfast, Derek jumped in and added fried potatoes and heavily buttered toast, so now we will go into a cardiac arrest from all of the […]