And yet, I loves football.

Despite moronic moron-hall-of-fame moves like this one:

When I heard, I slapped my forehead so hard I got a concussion.  I guess I can call that a “plaxico”.

Boom Shalock Lock Boom

Not just another day in Southern California … and a semi-legit reason for me to link a video by the under-undercard at one of my favorite college-era concerts: Public Enemy preceded by Ice-T preceded by these Irish tough-guys.

Nice little side-track when searching for that video, too. Damn do I miss when Eddie wasn’t […]

Behold A Leader!

The disturbing poster on the left is not a parody. It was produced by a San Francisco artist (there’s a surprise) by the name of Antar Dayal. He gushed:

My artwork is inspired by his words, wisdom, accomplishments, and expression of our hopes and dreams for a better America. Our world is facing seemingly […]

He’s Loving It!

The Stalker’s Carol

If Dino’s take on the song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is the date rape theme song, then I would submit that this song by “The Police” is exhibit A in the stalker hall of fame.

The Police – New Music – More Music Videos […]

Literary Evolution

In the wacky world of the environmental business, one rarely (except in special circumstances) hears the word “incinerator” any more. We now say “thermal oxidizer” (unless garbage or haz waste is involved, in which case it’s still an “incinerator”), because “thermal oxidizer” sounds high-tech, and – most of […]

“Santafly” by Martin Mull

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the music. A lot of my favorite music is Christmas themed and you simply cannot listen to it in July. Also, a lot of the music is simple enough that even I can play it on piano. I have an extensive collection of […]

Ralphie’s Got Your BB Gun!

This year is the 25th anniversary of the film A Christmas Story. As you can see little Ralphie is not blind and has graduated in firearms. There’s also a tourism angle for folks in Ohio where the original house, is — and there’s even a convention.


No Love Long Time

China has problems.

Don’t These Look Yummy?

OK… How ’bout this then?