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I appoligize for my English, which stinks.

Beef Jerkey time!

FSN’s Best Darn’ed Football Plays


50. Ortege Jenkins Arizona QB Ortege Jenkins flipped over three defenders into the Washington end zone with :04 left for the game-winning score in a 1998 Pac-10 match-up.

49. Bo Jackson With a national audience watching on Monday Night Football, Bo capped a 221-yard rushing performance with a scintillating 91-yard touchdown run. […]

Sex Still Sells, Especially in Denmark

This is an ad for a store in Denmark…wow, I’m speechless.

and this…

It’s like WalMart with boobs!

And if you thought those were something take a gander at the NSFW (that means not safe for work (or any other decent people) Floyd) ad for a sale on washing machines complete with a […]

What Ever Happened To…

these guys? ( I mean besides playing the theme song to King of the Hill where did they go?)

’cause everybody knows the world is full of stupid people…

The Shot Heard ’round the World

While maybe not as monumental as the events that surrounded the attendance of my first professional game, the date October 2, 1978 will stick in my head forever just as strongly. Any respectable Yankees or Red Sox fan, too.

Just like it was yesterday…


What? No!

I was lead to this story by Uncle Jimbo.

The things you don’t hear… From The Eagle’s Nest Blog

…Ali told us of massive demonstrations in the streets of Dearborn following the shoe throwing incident in Baghdad. Unfortunately, we never saw reports in the main stream media about these demonstrations. Why? Because these demonstrators were […]


Chyler Leigh — of Grey’s Anatomy — is pregnant with her 3rd child. All within the bounds of marriage. To the same man. What is her problem?

An SOS to Threedonians

Dear Threedonians Everywhere,

You may have noticed (or, um, not) that I haven’t been posting very much this month.  Lots of agonizing pain going on, and not just because of my obamadread.

Here’s the thing: last year I injured my back in a workplace incident.  It was one of those workplaces that barely-employed writers frequent in order to […]

I’m a Spam Idiot!

In Rich’s unflinching battle against comment spam he innocently and accidentally deleted a bunch of comments and sent them to a Hell from which he cannot seem to recover them. OK… I lied. Rufus did it. He’s very sorry and will watch what he’s doing next time.

So if you were one of […]

An Appreciation

I DVR’d this off IFC the other day. West Texas Dust Bowl neo-noir. Lots of bullets and more notable for the fact that Karina Lombard is in a movie fully-clothed all the way through than for Bruce Willis’ bottomless gun clips. Luther from The Warriors is the bad guy and Michael Imperioli is in […]