I’m putting together a crime, law/justice film course for next Spring and I’m certain I will show Fritz Lang’s 1931 film “M”. Here’s the final scene where Peter Lorre — before a kangaroo court convened by the Berlin underworld — gives his “testimony”. It is still a relevant film in its treatment of schizophrenia, child […]

30 Rock? Two and a Half Men? Suck.

Mr. Sideous asks in the comments if Dillard’s music can be bought? Oh yes. It. Can.

Douchebag Galore

Matt Damon: James Bond is repulsive

Matt Damon was always a liberal, but I  don’t remember him spouting off at the rate he has now. That’s all fine, but as with most celebrity liberals, he needs to have the stick surgically removed from his ass.

“Bond is an imperialist and a misogynist who kills people and laughs about it, and […]

Yes We Shall


If watching Ashton Kutcher break his neighborly pledge within the span of a week isn’t enough to fill your insides with a bit of warmth, here’s the best parody ever of the infamous celebrity Riefenstahl-esque “Yes We Can” video. Not sure if this hasn’t been posted yet, but it’s still worth another look. The […]

Young Man Look at My Life…

I’m not a lot like you are.

Threedonians… raise your beer to Mr. Sidney Barrister.

Example 4,589,430 of the de-ballification of Western men.

Saturday Five: Album* Covers

(*that’s a vinyl iPod, for all you kids born after 1980) 

I tried to narrow it down.  Originally it had to be “Five Coolest Album Names That Are NOT Also A Song On The Album”, but that would’ve left out Breakfast in America & the coolest cover of all time:

Elton John came in with two […]

The Price You Pay

Suppose I should be impressed a Democrat’s owning up to his mistake (or what certain fans think’s a mistake), but still think Springsteen’s looking for one more way to play up his “big week.” Eh, still give him credit for drawing back the curtains from his mansion on the hill to pay attention to […]

The Super Bowl — A Biblical Approach

Since the Dallas Cowboys messed up their chance to be in the NFL playoffs — does God really care about the Super Bowl? Not all that much I’d wager. But the great homophobe pastor Rick Warren sent this Biblical study to his congregation to help determine which team God might favor. Tongue firmly in cheek. […]

Friday Frivolity