Highway to Hell?

So we’re driving back from an afternoon walking around the Claremont Colleges — a beautiful day here in SoCal mid 80s, sunny, and the campus and surrounding downtown area is nice. Anyway… long day and I had a sleepless night so Mrs. Turbo is driving home and I take a snooze. I wake up about […]

Movie Review: Taken

Liam Neeson and Taken bring to life a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s also a stoic reminder, that if you are ever in such a situation, it’s beneficial to have the skills of a world-class intelligence operative.

Taken, or rather it’s working title, “Liam Neeson kills a******* and royally f**** up Paris,” isn’t a revenge […]

Late Victorian Swoon for June

Here is a photo of Robert Downey, Jr. as Sherlock Holmes from the upcoming Guy Ritchie film of Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective. I always see Basil Rathbone (which I think is Rich’s pron star name) as Sherlock and thus cerebral and foppish. I guess as a pre-nanny state Brit he would be more rough […]

It’s Better Than “Screwing Bob Vila”

Christian Toto has an interesting bit on his blog about that hero of free speech — Michael Moore perhaps shutting down a viewing of a critical (of him) documentary entitled Shooting Michael Moore in Michigan. They say public safety. Christian, as he writes in this Washington Times story, isn’t so sure.

The 3D Weekend Five: Movie Faves by Decade/Pt I

Welcome to a new Threedonian feature!

“The Weekend Five” will be a list of your top five…fill-in-the-blanks, sponsored by Yours Truly.  This is obviously a nod to our mothership captain, Dirty Harry.  I loved those threads! and I am a list-making freak.  

It will start off about movies, but not by any means be […]

Words, Words, Words (on audio)

Found out about this song after reading a list of the Top Conservative Songs, on Libertas (still on brief summer hiatus?) if I remember correctly. Have listened to it many, many times since — great stuff and thanks for the reminder, fellow posters! Just the song, though, no video. Enjoy…


Stay Tuned for Brainsfield Park

Coming soon to a bookstore near you! Look out for Darcy!

Where They Hung the Jerk That Invented Work

We’re gonna party like it’s 1933.

In Praise of Corruption?

I was listening to Dennis Miller radio show tonight (it’s replayed at night here in SoCal) and he offhandedly mentioned that he admired Rod Blago — former Governor of Illinois — because at least he was unapologetically corrupt. Now we can argue about that, but it did remind me of a man named George […]

Where’s the Syllabus?


(re-posted from October 22, 2008)

“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty or security.” – Benjamin Franklin

This quote got a lot of play from folks who warned the Patriot Act and other measures enacted after 9/11 might be a slippery slope.  And it’s a valid warning.  We the People […]