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Radio Free 3D – Episode VI

(Radio Free 3D does not necessarily resemble this picture).

Eric is back at the con this week (thank GOD!), with Floyd, JohnFN and Rich. The meltdown – both economic and of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi variety – along with both whiney, has-been rock stars and the ranks of the underrated provide lively topics of discussion. And, […]

No Greater Love…

This is a video detailing the events surrounding the death of CPL Jon Ayers who was a machine gunner in the 173rd Airborne. While serving in Afghanistan he died at his machine gun while defending his brothers from enemy attack. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions.

To read more about […]

Funniest show on TV

There are many writers whom I take in and wish out-loud – damn, why can’t I ever be that brilliant? TV doesn’t have the same effect on me, but occasionally someone comes along that hits me square in the face. RedEye is that someone.

What’s not to love about RedEye and Greg Gutfeld? Irreverent? […]

Hugo Is Going To Be SO Pissed

Via Jules Crittenden comes this story about the former Miss Venezuela, who is now Miss Universe visiting GITMO, and enjoying it.

This week, Guantánamo!!! It was an incredible experience.

We arrived in Gitmo on Friday and stared going around the town, everybody knew Crystle and I were coming so the first thing we […]

50 States – Arizona

Not a good state from which to pick Republican Presidential candidates in the last 60 years, Arizona is what’s called the “high desert”, which basically means that you have to be high to live there, because it’s like 6 bazillion degrees in the summer. Arizona is the only state in the union to have […]

This Kiss is NOT on my List

I’m sure there still are some diehards, but I’m thinking there are going to be a lot of folks going AWOL from the KISS Army soon. Is there nothing this man won’t shill for?

It’s kind of a cute commercial though…but I really didn’t think “cute” is what he aims for.

Drink more […]

Eliot to Orwell: More Cats!

T.S. Eliot once rejected Animal Farm for publication.

IT must rate as the literary snub of the 20th century. T S Eliot, one of Britain’s greatest poets, rejected George Orwell’s Animal Farm for publication on the grounds of its unconvincing Trotskyite politics.

Eliot, a former director of Faber and Faber, the publisher, wrote his rejection […]

Gitmo Syndrome

Here’s an interesting story from Newsweek on former Army Specialist Terry Holderbrook — a former Gitmo prison guard who converted to Islam in 2004 after a late night conversations with a Moroccan detainee. Here’s a taste — and the real upshot:

Holdbrooks’s level of identification with the other side was exceptional. No other guard has […]