Why Outlaw Fights

An oldie but a goody.

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Exeunt, Stage Left

Associate Supreme Court Justice David Souter is reportedly set to retire at the end of this term according to NPR’s Nina Totenberg. This makes perfect sense. So long as the Justices leaving during Obama’s tenure are Souter, Ginsberg, Stevens, or Breyer then we’re OK. If Kennedy leaves we’re screwed for sure. If Thomas, Scalia […]

Joe Biden Airlines

Open Thread – Thursday

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The Doctor is In

Dr. Walter Williams has a good piece on the economics of central planning; why socialized medicine will be worse than non-socialized medicine.  It’s a cogent, well-written piece although I take issue with one aspect.  To understand my concern you have to read the article first, so read it, and then I’ll meet you at […]

Selena Roberts and her battle with truth

I’m currently a sports writer, which means I spend copious amounts of time watching ESPN and its innumerable sister networks. Today, for my viewing pleasure, the WorldWideLeader’s narrative (I really hesitate to say story) is Alex Rodriguez and a salacious new book by former New York Times columnist and current Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts.


He’s Just Not That Into You.

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Quiz Time!

So I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” for the first time yesterday.  What the hell was that about?!

She’s Found An Alternative Lovin’ Feelin’

Kelly McGillis — of Top Gun fame — has finally made it official — she’s Perez Hilton gay. It wasn’t hard to tell — especially from this still from the sequel Witness 2 coming out in 2010.

Blast from the Past!

Father Ron made a comment about the state eventually interfering with what Priests say and do from the pulpit.  Our more loyal readers may remember a spirited debate on this subject vis a vis marriage brought on by this post; http://www.threedonia.com/archives/998

I predict that if we allow marriage to be defined by state governments […]