For Floyd and Mike

Thanks for the Tom Tom Club, Eric

I haven’t seen that video for years (decades?). Watching it reminded me of this one, from Donald Fagen. I don’t think I could pick just one, favorite music video, but I’d be hard pressed to list one that surpasses this one for combining all the elements that make up a music video into a cohesive […]

Sidekickin’ It Part Deux — Musicale

Define “Fun.”

Fun Stuff?

What can I say?  I open up my Newsgator feed aggregator and here’s my daily “Fun Stuff!”

And I don’t want to see a single comment saying that this is “fun.”  (I know I don’t have to say that to any of the gang here, but someone new might be visiting.)

And of […]


Late-term abortionist George Tiller was murdered while in church in Wichita, KS today.

While I hope they catch the perpetrator of this crime I’m not going to pretend to weep for George (he didn’t deserve the title “doctor” — those must must “first do no harm”) Tiller though he deserves the protection he refused to […]

Judge Sotomayor to White Guys: Eat it!

Frank Ricci, was a fireman who wanted to promote. He is dyslexic and at a disadvantage in the written exams to become an officer in the New Haven’s fire department. He had someone read to him the study materials and he studied his arse off, passed the test and was told to pound sand because […]

Deserves Got Somethin’ To Do With It ***UPDATE***

Here’s the AP raw video of the pharmacy’s security video. It doesn’t look good — but I know nothing baout edits or the timeline.

An Oklahoma pharmacist is being charged with murder for killing an armed robber. The pharmacist pulled a gun, shot one robber in the head and chased away the other. He […]

Our Gang

Rockrimmon CC security cameras catch Mike as he sits in his hovel trying to mate his claymates “Harvey” and “Phil”.

I have begun to worry about Mike as he seems to have become obsessed with A/V Club, the Little Rascals, and various other things. Luckily, he has left his caddy hovel at the […]

3D Weekend Five: Suggestions for Top 5 Themes

We’ll do this Mike-style!  No pictures, no explanations, no debate, no nothin’.

Top 5 Favorite Lunar Expeditions. Top 5 Favorite Chris Eliott vehicles. Top 5 Favorite Top 5’s. Top 5 Favorite Posts by Mike. Top 5 “Adult Films” That Changed Your Life.

So.  Which of my ideas is most brilliant?

(I guess you could add your […]

Wankette’s Weekend 5 (by Proxy) — Sidekickin’ It

Seeing as Wankette is in an “undisclosed location” (we did NOT tell Joe Biden) I will offer my own feeble attempt to take up her slack. I went and saw UP yesterday and I am currently watching Rio Bravo. Both movies have great sidekicks to provide comic relief, help to the hero, nuggets of […]