I second that emotion

Just something about the way Gene Wojciechowski’s brain ticks that makes me smile, widely, more often than not. Love me that Chicken!!!

The Annoyance of Being Earnest

While vacationing in my relatively unknown place I had the pleasure of going to a local bakery (because it’s relatively close to the isolated place we’re staying) called Bread Not Bombs (after the old liberal (Greenpeace?) slogan). The place was so righteous, so sincere — so earnest — in its capitalistic greed to charge […]

Why Sarah Runs


What I lacked in physical strength or skill I made up for in determination and endurance. So if it were a long race that required a lot of endurance I’d win.

Finally, out of the wilderness, a magazine story on Alaska’s governor that taps into part of her appeal but none of her (made-up) flaws.


Sympathy: Empathy’s Red-Headed Stepbrother

In yesterday’s Best of the Web, James Taranto remarks upon the Supreme Court’s decision in the Ricci case.  Specifically, he notes a little sparring between Justices Alito and Ginsburg regarding the role of  “sympathy” in the justice system.

…an exchange between Justice Ginsburg (writing for the dissenters) and Justice Samuel Alito (joined in his concurrence […]

Tornado Death Toll Drops Dramatically

With today marking the final day for peak tornado activity, USA Today reports that the death toll has fallen from 121 people this time last year to 21 in 2009.*

Now, tornado death tolls—like hurricane property damage—is largely a matter of chance, and depends on whether or not these storms hit populated areas or not.  […]

A Request from Irshad Manji

 This morning I received an e-mail from Irshad Manji, the author of a remarkable book, The Trouble with Islam Today.

Here’s what she had to say:


Infrequent Dose of Hubba-hubba: John Boehner

Because as the blog pottymouth, of course I’m gonna love this guy.

Because someone had to call Cap & Trade what it is.  Thank goodness it was one of our guys.

Because I love the smell of testosterone in the morning.

Because Ohio suddenly took its share of the covers.  May it last through 2012!


Tuesday Open Thread

Ohhh… Alright… by Roy Lichtenstein

High kangaroos blamed for crop circles

One of the dangers of growing your stash outdoors is having the local wildlife partaking to it. This happened in Australia, when some local marsupials ate the opium, then tore the place apart.

Wallabies snacking in Tasmania’s legally grown opium poppy fields are getting “high as a kite” and hopping around in circles, trampling the […]

Reverse Racist? No, Just Plain Ol’ Racist.

After this lovely rant from the Black Entertainment Awards, I should be relieved I now get to save money by not seeing anything starring Jamie Foxx in the future. Not much of a problem, really, considering I can’t recall doing so anyway since Ray.

However, Michael Jackson spends the better part of his lifetime non-divisively […]