Democrats growing weary of town halls

Oh, remember the good old days, when Democrats gathered in public places and hurled venom at George W. Bush and his cabal. They are long gone for Democrats, who are increasingly canceling town hall meetings due to invasions by tea-party types and those upset with health care and spending.

Screaming constituents, protesters dragged out by […]

You stay classy, Gates family

Elizabeth Gates is the daughter of now infamous Henry Gates, that seer of racial hegemony. The Gates offspring is a graduate of The New School for Social Research. I add that, because I once sent a query to the New School about possibly attending, though I was living in BFE, Ohio, just to see if […]

Yeah, I actually had to help cover this guy …

Wannabe career politician Ben Konop, who is traversing the state of Ohio in all manners trying to find locations that will actually vote him into office, gets an audience he deserves.

Auto-Tune News

Oh the fun one can have with Auto-TUne software and a green screen…

George Lucas — Legend Debunked

This is what happens when ESPN Page 2’s Patrick Hruby leaves his politics at the door — awesome stuff!

The only good Ewok is a dead Ewok.

DE-GENIUS ADDENDUM George Lucas As writers, sometimes we botch facts. Sometimes, we make typos. Sometimes, we flat-out drop the ball. Such was the case […]

Coming soon to DVD …

Cocktails Are Conservative

Here is a great story from The Weekly Standard (its cover story) on the resurgence of the cocktail — and not the sugary concoctions that pass for cocktails — the liberal versions.

The cocktail is a lovely simple thing: a mixture of spirits and flavorings that whets the appetite, pleases the eye, and stimulates the […]

Big Juici

David Ortiz… tested positive for ‘roids in 2003. Hmmmm…. when did Ortiz begin his home run tear? Why…. it was 2003. The Oritz, Ramirez …..Red Sox are now the Black Sox Redux — cheaters — right Mike? 😉

Bonnie and Clyde: Great film — Cultural Rot

I found this article by Stephen Hunter at Commentary Magazine on the real Bonnie and Clyde vs. the film versions and the larger cultural ramifications of their glorification…. Here’s a couple of different tastes, but go read the whole thing here.

The squalid ambush that ended their careers in 1934 disappeared down the collective […]

Chris Dodd Investigated by Senate Ethics Committee

With Senator Chris Dodd trailing Rob Simmons, his likely opponent in the 2010 election, by 9 points in the latest Quinnipiac poll, he certainly doesn’t need any more bad news.

It’s too bad for him, then, that  the Associated Press has reported on the testimony of Robert Feinberg, who met with the Senate Ethics Committee in secret hearings.  […]