Top Five: Last five movies

Some I’ve seen before. One made me wish I was blind. The last and latest five.

1. Better Off Dead: And the award for “Best Use of a Classic Van Halen Tune off the Women and Children First Album” is currently being decided by the soon-to-be-released Zombieland and this “Savage Steve Holland” classic. John […]

What Is A “Rape-Rape”?

Now I’m not one who buys into the “cult of the expert” in every area of our lives, but neither do experts get degrees in law, engineering, medicine, etc. because those things are completely areas of common sense. So when Whoopi Goldberg says that Roman Polanski’s attack on a 13-year old girl should be […]

Daniel Rocks

Commenter Daniel posted a satirical vid he did in today’s Open Thread, but I am certain that the Threedonian Ruling Council would agree that it deserves a post of it’s own. It’s a mock of this piece of drivel. (Note: moronic link has been fixed). We learn two things in this video:

1) Daniel looks […]

Why Roman Polanski Matters

Guest contribution from Stosh from the Sticks (aka: my big bro):

If you’re a good film-maker, one of your tasks is to set your audience’s attitude as concisely and solidly as you can.  Take “Braveheart” – before you even get a chance to develop a deep antipathy for Edward Longshanks, you will already have […]

Toast post: Saving toast a royal cause

Save The Toast – King Edward Of English Muffin – Funny home videos are a click away

Mike and Leni: A Love Story

Michael Moore’s entire career, it seems to me, has been a cumulative civil service application through the medium of film. Moore would be his generation’s Leni Riefenstahl, although he would surely bridle at the comparison – or maybe not – but that’s what his film-making efforts amount to: the man who documents the glories […]

Crap of Bull #11 — School Days

Kostya receives a visit from an old friend before he settles into a New York state of mind for this week’s Biggest Pile of Crap. WTF?!? Not so hard to believe the anti-award must be shared.

Wednesday Open Thread

They’re Real, And They’re Spectacular

For Kit…I couldn’t find a clip with the famous punch line from Seinfeld, so this will have to do.

Oh, It’s For Charity So It’s No Big Deal…

From my good friend ’67 Cougar, comes this news…

The BoobyBall is coming!

From The we get the scoop.

A new campaign for a breast-cancer fundraiser is raising eyebrows – and temperatures – as it makes the rounds of the internet.

Dubbed “Save the boobs”, it leaves little to the imagination. The spot is […]