What Really Happened to Rush

When I heard last night that Rush Limbaugh had been hospitalized for chest pains, I immediately jetted out to Hawaii to check on him.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t in his room when I got there, so we couldn’t visit.

I was, however, able to snap a quick photo of the room:

As you can see, […]

Well the weather outside is …

Fine, it’s a damn gorgeous 70s in SoCal, but below still applies …

End-of-Decade Hubba: David Tennant

Because his Doctor Who is coming to “The End of Time” this Saturday on BBCAmerica.

Because he’s done more for trench coats than anyone since Bogart.

Because his Tenth Doctor blew life into a creaky sci-fi series with intensity, humor, and crackling chemistry with his leading ladies.

Because his Hamlet’s pretty good too.

Because […]

Who will have the guts?

While the private sector has bled jobs to the tune of seven million since 2007, one aspect of employment hasn’t been fazed. The public sector has remained quite steady in retention. From Michael Barone:

Private-sector employment peaked at 115.8 million in December 2007, when the recession officially began. It was down to 108.5 million last […]

Promises, Promises…

It’s time to mark the end of 2009 and I hope you will all join me in a wishing 2009 a hearty “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.” As we enter year 2 O.E. (Obama Era) it might be useful to look back and see how far […]

A WTF New Year

A fitting tribute to those noble warriors of the southwest, the Apache.

Actually I feel the tribe has grounds for a lawsuit for this and the Sugar Hill Gang’s version of this song. The instrumental version by Jimmy Thackery is quite cool however.

Happy New Year everyone! Good riddance to 2009 that’s for […]

Thursday Open Thread

Six strings down (keys, skins and pipes, too)

Never let it be said the New York Times can’t occasionally get something right these days. Similar in excellent tone and reverence to the cinematic memorial TCM recently took, a tribute to 2009’s losses in the music world.

Also, courtesy the fine folks at Billboard, an incredibly sad look back at the many musicians/performers’ […]

Radio Free Threedonia — Just What the Doctor May or May Not Have Ordered

After a week away to celebrate the Christmas season with our respective families (and pick up a nasty case of Phoenix-area allergies in my case), RF3D roars in the New Year weekend with a show dedicated completely to the Obamacare monstrosity insanity crammed suppository proposed legislation.

As he’s been known to do ’round these […]

Best of Luck in the New Year!

I’ll be out of pocket for a bit.  Here’s wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2010!