Classic Picks O’ the Day: February 1

Tomorrow TCM begins its annual “31 Days of Oscar” celebration so the picking will be difficult and feel free to respectfully disagree in the comments. The first night is nearly impossible from the get-go…. because I don’t like Babs (though I do like Funny Girl) I’m going with these two: I’m biased — sue me:


Radio Free Threedonia 2.5 — Obamacare Undressed

Not one, but two healthcare experts joined the RF3D fun today: Threedonia’s very own Veruckt, AKA budding Tennessee politician Brandon May, and Megan Barth, from Docs4PatientCare and

Also wouldn’t be Radio Free Threedonia without more love going out to Neil “This is his year for a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination” […]

PBS’s NOW! With Retsin!

I didn’t see any embedding on the website (our tax dollars at work!), but if you click on the picture, or here, you should be taken to the site.

I love Threedonia!  About ten days ago I was held captive in an Hospital emergency room while this program was on.  I found […]

On Air

Is on air… call in 310-878-2273 and help us talk health care with Veruckt and listen at Right Talk Radio live here.

By Jiminy!

Since the Superbowl is a week away, and meaningful baseball seems impossibly distant in the middle of a New England cold snap, I give you…



Sunday Open Thread

St. Jerome by Caravaggio

“Intellectual” Used to Mean Having Humility

I concur with John FN Wayne’s post that “Intellectual” used to mean “intelligent”. I think he misses the bullseye by a slim margin — and this may be picking nits. The biggest problem with many (so-called) Intellectuals — in addition to having to suffer no consequences for their ideas as Thomas Sowell aptly points […]

Guest Programmer Pick O’ The Day: January 31

Tonight’s “TCM Import” is from Iran: Abbas Kiraosatami and his 1998 film Taste of Cherry. It might well be subtitled “Talk Me To Death” — the hero drives his truck around Tehran, looking for someone who will bury him after he commits suicide that evening.  Much chatter about life, death, and the price of pistachios […]

Sunday Gospel

Earlier today (it’s late Saturday) I did the “good son in law” thing and took my mother in law to a gospel concert… with this group Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. She grew up in Indiana and I grew up in Texas so we grew up on similar music (though this is more Southern and […]

Ripped Torn

I can hear it now – “Is that the guy from ‘Men in Black?’” Rip Torn, veteran actor, was busted attempting to rob a bank in Connecticut.

Torn allegedly broke into the Litchfield Bankcorp building Salisbury, Conn., where he lives, at around 9:40 p.m., according a police report posted on the gossip site TMZ. […]