Top 5 Where Have I Seen You Before?: Y Chromosome Edition

You might be asking yourself — who is this guy? He looks familiar. That’s because he has like a million credit on I was watching an episode of From the Earth to the Moon on DVD the other day and he had quite a substantial role — and he was great. His name […]

Classic Pick O’ the Day: March 1

Possessed (1947) A married woman’s passion for a former love drives her mad. Cast: Joan Crawford, Van Heflin, Raymond Massey, Geraldine Brooks Dir: Curtis Bernhardt BW-108 mins, TV-PG. 10:30 AM EST. TCM

This brief description doesn’t do the film justice… Joan Crawford still suffers from the hatchet job that was Mommie Dearest. The […]

The Goreacle Awakes

He’s back!

After the scandal of the CRU e-mail revelations and the IPCC lies  (and vice versa) many wondered if the high priest of the global-warming alarmist movement had permanently retired to his electrified compound to curse, moan, and count his carbon-offset millions.

Alas, we’re not done with Al Gore, yet.  If the former […]

Sunday Open Thread

Boys in a Pasture by Winslow Homer

Flyover Too Good for Flyover Country

This is not a new story, but it’s new on Snopes, where I saw it.  (It took them over six months to check this out.)

It appears some bitter clingers—you know, typical white people—in Idaho requested a military flyover at their “God & Country” festival, at which “new military recruits [are] inducted and all military […]

Masterpiece Classic: A WWW*

(* my new 3D series: Wankette’s Worth Watching)

PBS, those marketing geniuses, decided to break up Masterpiece Theatre into three “pieces”: Classic, Contemporary, and (adding the previously separate collection to the mix) Mystery!

Classics continues its season tonight with a remake of  John Buchan’s The 39 Steps (yes, the same one Hitchcock did).  It got […]

WTF?!? TMI and a bunch of other letters

It seems the Ghost Whisperer likes to have jewels glued to her special place.

“What’s that?!?” you say.


Sunday Gospel

More People You've Probably Never Heard Of

David Bellavia visits a theme I have discussed here once or twice. The real heroes this nation produces and how we never hear of them or celebrate their stories.

This is the story of Melvin Brown

…PFC Brown was nineteen-years old in 1950. Rosy cheeks and bright eyes. From my assessment of his pictures […]

Classic Pick O' the Day: February 28

Ben-Hur (1959) While seeking revenge, a rebellious Israelite prince crosses paths with Jesus Christ. Cast: Charlton Heston, Stephen Boyd, Jack Hawkins. Dir: William Wyler. C-222 mins, TV-PG. 8:00 PM EST. TCM

One area where Wanks and I will always disagree is on which Ben Hur is the best. And while I agree the Roman […]