Coulda Woulda

Remember March 31, 2008? Yeah… me either. Thank God.

From Perfunction (linked above):

As a novice Senator, Barack Obama introduced few significant pieces of legislation, but one that he was especially proud of was the Iraq War De-Escalation Act of 2007. Had his signature Act gone into effect, the now-unquestionably successful surge would have […]

Tipping Point

OK so Congressman Hank Johnson has Hepatitis C. I don’t know if that explains this, but why would Nancy Pelosi keep in a hearing such as this if he’s mentally incompetent. He may just be stupid. Either way… this is whack. h/t on the story to Blackhawk…

Video h/t: Hot Air.


The ummm… Face of Courage

Hissa Hillal, mother of 4, Saudi Arabian housewife, def poet.

From the London Daily Mail:

A brave Saudi housewife has reached the final of the Arabic version of the X Factor after lashing out at hardline Muslim clerics on live TV.

Wearing a black burkha, mother-of-four Hissa Hilal delivered a blistering poem against […]

Eric Cartman is my hero

Little behind on catching up with last week’s episode. I will now watch this clip again and again and again … and again.

From the Trailer Park: The Expendables

I posted a longer rougher version (that’s what she said) a couple of weeks ago. This is the official trailer. Badassssssssss!

Review: Enbrethiliel on HBO's

( Enbrethiliel blogs at “shredded cheddar”

+JMJ+ The Pacific and the Cost of War

After the US government acquired the Philippines from Spain, it spent 150 million dollars just to develop the island of Corregidor into a hangar for its navy. Fifty years later, US military officers inspected every structure on the famed “concrete battleship” […]

A Big, Big Lady

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Manna for Left Wing Critics

Endless looping video below the fold.


Classic Pick O’ the Day: April 1

Southern Comfort (1981) Starring: Powers Boothe, Keith Carradine, Brion James. Directed by Walter Hill. 100 min. TV-MA. 8:00 PM EDT. Independent Film Channel.

I’m sure as a quasi-Southerner (I’m Texan — a breed apart — and above) I’m sure I should have been offended by this movie. I should probably be offended at the […]

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