Drive-in + 70s schlock = decent 90-some minutes distraction

Wanks, you couldn’t have picked a better day for your drive-in Top 5 — nice coincidence, too, with Floyd picking the great bad Good Guys Wear Black — as I took in a work buddy’s suggestion with The Car, a not-so-perfect-yet-harmless little product from what narrowly edges out the 80s as my favorite decade. […]

I’m Torn

Real Men Of Genius, Miguel Batista Edition

Via Ace of Spades:

Phenom pitcher Stephen Strasburg is the only reason people still have a vague sense the Washington Nationals are actually a major league team. The games he starts routinely triple or quadruple the Nats regular attendance. So when he was replaced on Tuesday without any warning because of shoulder stiffness his replacement […]

Classic Pick O’ the Day: August 1

Good Guys Wear Black (1979) Black-belt Vietnam veteran digs up dirty politics. Cast: Chuck Norris, Anne Archer, JIm Backus, Dana Andrews. Directed by Ted Post. 6:30 PM EDT and 2:00 AM EDT. IFC. There’s a whole bunch of good Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films on TCM tomorrow, but I’m not going to tempt fate […]

Incompetence, The Rule of Law and Gitmo

Here’s an interesting — and telling — story from Yahoo! News about the status of trials for terrorists and other unlawful enemy combatants down at Gitmo. A bit:

Attorney General Eric Holder announced in November the trial would be moved to federal court in New York. But the administration backtracked and put […]

Victory is Mine!

Ladies, gentlemen, and Rufus… I present to you the new American League RBI leader — for 1961. In the better late than never file… a baseball statistician discovered a scoring error that has resulted in Jim Gentile (pictured above) now sharing the AL RBI title with Roger Maris. From AOL Fanhouse’s Greg Couch

So […]

Pfc Bradley Manning and Julian Assange Deserve Death

and this is why From Friday’s London Daily Telegraph:

In an interview with Channel 4 News, Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said they were studying and investigating the report, adding “If they are US spies, then we know how to punish them.”

The warning came as the US military’s top officer, Admiral Mike Mullen […]

Stupid Machines!

Here’s an interesting article from a journal called In Character about how we used to be in awe of our machines and how now that we know less and less about how they work — we take them for granted.

Visiting the Paris Exhibition in 1900, the American writer Henry Adams saw something so remarkable […]

BVG’s *

* Beer Vision Goggles

Paul Rudd... Lebowski'd