And They Say Bush Was The Idiot

Don’t know if this has been photoshopped or not, I have seen it in several places but don’t know it’s source…it’s damn funny though.

UPDATE! According this this site that has the original AP caption…not a photoshop job.

Here’s the caption as written: “President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama walk through a […]

My Job Here is Done

I taught a course called “Congress and the Presidency” this summer and I’m polishing off the finals for that course as I begin the Fall semester tomorrow. Anyway… I asked the class, as part of a larger question:

Lasty, on which, if any, President did you either change your opinion from this class or merely […]

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Classic Pick O' the Day: September 1

THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS (1989) A feisty sexy singer joins a brother twin-piano act and sparks changes in the brothers’ act and relationship. Cast: Jeff Bridges, Michelle Pfeiffer, Beau Bridges, Jennifer Tilly. Director: Steve Kloves. 8:00 PM EDT. Fox Movie Channel.

It’s a light day tomorrow so “classic” is a bit of a stretch […]


Ever notice how much Carnac looks like Floyd?

When President Obama speaks to America on Tuesday night about the war in Iraq he will be engaged in a political mission, one that will require the ultimate in political finesse. Democrats can’t claim much in the way of success after and […]

Turn It Up Tuesday: Turn that frown blah-blah-blah

Set out to make a case for INXS’ rightful and beyond-deserved place in rock’s history for this week’s TIUT, but between Michael Been’s passing and, much more personally, one of my best friends apparently losing his mind before going MIA towards the end of last week, just hasn’t been a happy time of late. Sure, […]

Tuesday Open Thread

Caligula, born this date in 12 AD

Rest In Vinyl

Eric… I have found the perfect way… when that day comes decades hence — that you should be memorialized. L.P. = Late Porvaznik — What record would you be memorialized as? The company at the link will take your ashes and make them into vinyl records.


Some Things To Remember Tomorrow

When you hear President Obama talk about victory in Iraq remember this…

“I am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence there. In fact, I think it will do the reverse.” – Senator Barack Obama in response to the POTUS.

OOPS, my bad.

There’s more at BLACKFIVE


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The Tubes…don’t want to hear it again tonight

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