Same Auld Lang Syne

For Those in the Area of Philadelphia

The National Consitution Center in Philadelphia is sponsoring and exhibit entitled, Art of the American Soldier. Featuring artwork as done by American Soldiers from WWI to the present.

I have always enjoyed art. Especially this documentary style…just looking at the website this looks like an awesome exhibit. The website can be viewed HERE


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Classic Pick O’ the Day — January 1

The Pride Of The Yankees (1942) Baseball legend Lou Gehrig faces a crippling disease at the height of his success. Cast: Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright, Babe Ruth, Walter Brennan Dir: Sam Wood BW-128 mins, TV-PG. 10:00 PM EST. TCM.

This is another exception to my Gary Cooper ambivalence. Yeah his baseball skilz are […]

2010: Tune-tastic

Two 5+ hour road-trips and some Christmas/New Year’s vacation-time finally afforded me the chance to fully digest the plethora of albums which caught my ear this year. In short, t’was a glorious 2010.

There’s Something about a Twang …

Johnny Cash/American VI – Ain’t No Grave: Presumably the last of Cash’s original recordings, a fitting […]

Friday Open Thread

From the Trailer Park — Battleship Potemkin

Dammit sometimes the worst people come up with some great art. This film — after Birth of a Nation is THE piece of agitprop — probably more powerful than Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will. It was widely credited with helping to fan flames of revolution or to engender sympathy with the Soviet cause in […]

Life Stinks…

Yeah, but so do you Beaver.

Check out the SCTV video channel at YouTube!

Blu-ray Set To Soar… At Last?

Sometimes anecdotes mean nothing. But they can hint at the bigger picture.

Whenever I drop into the local Best Buy outlet I ask the clerks about what’s selling well lately. I’m not in the market for any new tech gear, but I’m always curious about consumer trends and what movie fans are buying to flesh […]

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