Damn Gaia Freaks…

always thumping their climate models…. Guess who caused the tornadoes down South? That’s right… Gaia’s punishment on those poor rubes for ignoring science. More at the link from HotAir, but here’s the bit from the ironically named ThinkProgress since it seems they neither think nor represent progress:

“Given that global warming is unequivocal,” climate […]

The Economy — The Ultimate Term Limit

How the “smartest President ever” becomes a one termer.  From Peter Wehner at Contentions:


Example #3,907,324 how intelligence and wisdom do not often coincide.

Our Blog Cruise

You know how most magazines and talk radio shows have cruises for listeners and readers? I have found ours. See you in July in Peoria.

h/t: The Awesomer

From the Trailer Park — Immortals

Yeah it’s gonna stink… but it still looks kinda good.

Classic Pick O’ the Day — May 1

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966) Madcap musical set in ancient Rome, where a clever slave connives to win his freedom. Directed by: Richard Lester. Cast: Zero Mostel, Phil Silvers, Buster Keaton. TV-PG. 11:30 AM EDT. TCM.

The great Zero Mostel in his signature Broadway role on screen. This […]

The Crunch Party sends their friends again

The good Cap’n’s still exhausted from partying with his friends in The Pirates Charles, a band Mike Kriskey (and other Jethro Tull fans) would presumably dig (they’re below the fold), but he promises to be back soon.


Ace of Spades provides a good smackdown of unrelenting Birthers… dudes… you had your Rosie O’Donnell melting metal moment — give it up or at least keep a lid on it… we’re trying to do something serious here — like win an election in 2012 and reverse this idiot’s rear leadership. From Ace:

Here’s what […]

Your Saturday Morning Cartoon

The 1953 effort by Charles M Jones, entitled Bully for Bugs.

“What a gulla-bull!”

Saturday Open Thread

Yesterday’s Wide World of Sports Open Thread sent me on a YouTube hunt… this show would never happen today… that is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Classic Pick O’ the Day — April 30

Gone Baby Gone (2007) Patrick Kenzie, a private investigator from working-class Boston takes on a case involving a kidnapped girl. The girl’s aunt begs Patrick to take the case because he has connections to criminal Boston that the police do not. He agrees and along with his partner, Angie, they uncover a web of […]