The Best in and of Baseball

This is a video of young Cooper Stone throwing the ceremonial first pitch of the American League Divisional Series this afternoon as the Rangers took on the Rays in Arlington. Shannon Stone, the boy’s father and a firefighter, was killed earlier this season when he leaned over too far to catch a foul ball […]

From the Trailer Park — Contraband

Threedonia’s Word For the Day — Pathetic

The Oxford English Dictionary provides many definitions of “pathetic”, but #6 will suffice:

“a. colloq. Miserably inadequate; of such a low standard as to be ridiculous or contemptible.” Third edition, June 2005; online version September 2011

The example for today’s word is Mark Bradford from the UK:

A middle-aged man charged round to the […]

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Level 42. Drawn into the stream, Of undefined illusion, Those diamond? dreams, They can’t disguise the truth…

Classic Pick O’ the Day — October 1

The Spiral Staircase (1945) A serial killer stalks a mute servant girl in a remote mansion. Dir: Robert Siodmak. Cast: Dorothy McGuire, George Brent, Ethel Barrymore, Elsa Lanchester, Rhonda Fleming. TV-PG. 9:30 AM EDT. TCM.

When is a Hitchcock movie not a Hitchcock movie? This is as good as it gets with director Siodmak […]

Friday Open Thread

Portrait of a Lady in Blue by Thomas Gainsborough

New Wave, Old Wave, Still Rock and Roll to Me (Updated)

RF3D, back in action with “Biff” Byford. [podcast = 30 minutes]

Saxon, founding fathers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, release Call to Arms today, their 19th studio album. While I won’t pretend to be a long-time fan, and really only know Saxon’s songs from appearances on metal compilations, the album blows […]


Is there anyone besides his daughters who isn’t pissed at Barack Obama? If this were Tee-Ball he’d have been 10-Run Ruled back in 2010. Even his liberal worshipers have turned on him. Billy Crystal used to do a routine riffing on Edward G. Robinson’s role in The Ten Commandments. Questioning what Robinson’s doing in […]

Hello Y’all

For fans of linguistics, dialects, and such here is a site with everything… and I mean everything I can think of… related to North American dialects complete with interactive maps, videos and audio recording of dialects. I give you Rick Aschmann’s North American Dialect website. For those who enjoy this sort of thing there […]

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Mr. Mister. The wind blows hard across the mountainside…