Daring to be Stupid – Redux

OK, not quite as stupid as the idiots Floyd found, but PETA’s lame-brained lawsuit against Sea World for allegedly violating the 13th Amendment rights of Killer Whales ranks pretty high up there on the dumb-ass-o-meter.

To be sure, they are getting some attention with the stunt. Not sure if its the kind of attention […]

This Afternoon’s Broadcast is brought to you by…

Oingo Boingo. Waiting for an invitation to arrive…

Classic Pick O’ the Day — November 1

Out of the Past (1947) A private eye becomes the dupe of a homicidal moll. Dir: Jacques Tourneur Cast: Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas, Rhonda Fleming. TV-PG. 9:00 AM EDT. TCM.

Did you see the movie Against All Odds (which also starred Jane Greer) and wonder… “why does this movie suck so bad?” […]

Turns Out Abortion Is Murder After All

Well, kind of. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Two abortion clinic employees plead guilty to murder

Seven more defendants face charges in the case, including (Dr. Kermit) Gosnell, who a grand jury in January said, “killed babies and endangered women. What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable babies in […]

Happy Halloween!

Back for More

Friend of RF3D Paul Strange and Stange Karma, his rockin’ band from down under, return to the States for a few dates in November. Two chances if you’re in Southern California and opportunities for our Las Vegas and NYC readers as well (please check with respective venues for times).

Wed, November 2nd: Whisky A […]

Halloween Open Thread


Photo By Duke Tribble, Courtesy of MSNBC and Bill Brummel Productions

Every redemption and atonement story has a certain amount of pain it seems… here’s this week’s redemption story — from The Associated Press:

And yet, the past was ever-present — tattooed in brutish symbols all over his body and face: a blood-soaked razor, […]

Classic Pick O’ the Day — October 31

Frankenstein Created Woman (1966) Baron Frankenstein puts a wrongly executed man’s brain into a beautiful woman’s body. Dir: Terence Fisher Cast: Peter Cushing, Susan Denberg, Thorley Walters. TV-PG. 3:15 PM EDT. TCM.

It’s Hammer time on TCM tomorrow for Halloween. While this isn’t the classic James Whale’s classic Frankenstein films but it’s pretty creepy. […]

Are You Ready For Some Football — Pro Edition

I’m personally looking forward to the Cowboys/Eagles tonight on NBC though the Patriots and Steelers has the better upside perhaps. Talk about your teams and games below.