Pray the Gay Away No More

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill outlawing programs designed to change teenagers’ orientation away from LGBT orientations.

Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill barring a controversial therapy that aims to reverse homosexuality in minors, the measure’s sponsor said on Sunday, making California the first state to ban a practice many say […]

Our Noball Prize Winner Has Everything Under Control

Crime is up in Iraq. The criminal is some guy named Al and he killed 32 people today. Coordinated bomb attacks killed more than 32 people across Iraq on Sunday, the latest violence in an insurgency the government has failed to quell more than nine months after the last U.S. troops withdrew.

Violence in Iraq […]

Classic Pick O’ the Day — October 1

A Man’s Castle (1933) An unemployed man turns to crime when he gets his girlfriend pregnant. Dir: Frank Borzage. Cast: Spencer Tracy, Loretta Young, Marjorie Rambeau. TV-PG. 9:30 PM EDT. TCM.

I’ve not seen this pre-Code melodrama. Tracy stars as the poor tough guy and Young tries to soften him up. Also on tomorrow […]

Sunday Gospel

A little Marty Robbins yesterday… a bit more today…

This is one of those “if you get just one” albums — a definitive album.

Sunday Open Thread

Self Portrait in a Turban with Her Child by Marie-Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun (1786)

Those Wacky Koreans…

Normally the wackiness of the Japanese goes unmatched in the world, but this video/song ranks right up there. I was told about this by a friend from the Army, she actually heard this on the radio in the states.

I guess the kids know all about it…

Watch the Oregon Duck Band perform this […]

Pat Cadell — Hero

Pat Cadell, former Democratic pollster, gave an important speech on the 21st and accompanying op-ed outlining the danger to the Republic that the media has become. I ran across it again and had been planning on posting it sooner, so put this in the “better late than never” column.

While I might quibble with him […]


Russell Means, actor and Lakota Sioux radical activist, has declared that the Lakota Sioux Nation has seceded from the United States.

President Barack Obama has an unexpected foreign policy problem – in the Western United States. The Lakota Sioux nation has seceded from the United States, according to a story on the anti-American website […]

Saturday Song

One of the greats singing one of the great American songs — not just Cowboy songs.

Furiouser and Furiouser

The only scandal in American history worse than Fast and Furious is LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin BS that got us knee deep in Vietnam and triggered War Powers debates for the next 50 years. This is Grant’s “Spoilsmen”, Teapot Dome, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and Lewinsky times 1,000 to the nth power. Anyone who thought Martin […]