I might have been persuaded to do this in my twenties.

The Americans, first 5 episodes…a Threedonia review

A few short weeks ago I posted a link to an article about a new show on FX called The Americans.

The Americans is (in case you don’t know) centered around two spies from the Soviet Union living in the United States as a family in the 1980’s.

In the article quoted in National […]

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From the Trailer Park — American Federale

“American Federale,” a documentary about Mexico and the cartels who virtually run much of its infrastructure and government, produced by Friend of Threedonia Michael Mandaville. Coming soon to the U.S.!!!

Thursday Open Thread

Total Sploosh!

FX’s show Archer has been renewed for it’s 4th season.

This video is from the first season, but it’s still great…and NSFW.

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From the Trailer Park — The Sweeney

Ray Winstone is kick ass. In the late 1960s and early 1970s as LBJ’s”Great Society” social policies started to result in skyrocketing crime rates and urban decay Hollywood came out with a bunch of films reflecting that (Dirty Harry, The French Connection, Death Wish, et al.). I see no difference in this and a […]

Sucker M.C.

While otherwise thoroughly enjoying the Run-DMC. renaissance gracing my ears of late thanks to the Mrs. and I finally watching the Biography Channel segment on the band, couldn’t help but get more than a little tweaked by the author of the King of Rock deluxe edition liner notes. Not content to recognize the band as […]

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