Sunday Open Thread 

North African American Cemetery and Memorial, Tunisia

Kids These Days

Mark Hamill’s son cleverly trolls him on Twitter. Probably revenge for all those “I am your father!” jokes when he was a kid.

Saturday Open Thread 


It's About The Issues, Stupid

Well, as Scott mentioned in today’s OT, Greg Gianforte just won his election in Montana by a decent margin, despite the Democrats dumping plenty of money into the election and the media breathlessly reporting on his being accused of body-slamming a reporter. Gianforte has done the right thing, owning his actions and apologizing for […]

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Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash.


Bonus welcome back, Floyd:


Friday Open Thread 

Bernini’s “The Rape of Persephone”

Thursday Open Thread 

Swiss Guard at the Vatican.

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Kenny Loggins.

Wednesday Open Thread

Balinese swim resort.

No, it’s not flooded – there’s a swimming pool that runs by the back door of each room.

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