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Mulan - A Conservative Family Film In Liberal Drag

So we watched Disney’s Mulan last night, and seeing for the first time in years, I was really struck by just how politically incorrect a film it was. When it came out back in the 90s, it was considered a progressive film, since it was about a woman serving in combat. But seeing it now, […]

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We're Back, Baby!

Do my eyes deceive me, or is Saturday Night Live actually making fun of the Democrats as old and out-of-touch? Maybe the recent wins in Virginia convinced them that the Dems are on the comeback trail so it’s safe to mock them. Granted, it’s not as hard as they’ve gone after Trump and the Republicans, […]

Tuesday Open Thread

Last night I gave a speech at our leadership institute entitled “Civility in Uncivil Times” the gist of which is that we are not necessarily more uncivil than other times in our past (as the above cartoon printed by Andrew Jackson supporters in 1828 attests — ditto JQA’s followers hounding Mrs. Jackson to her […]

The Walking Thread: Some Guy (S8, E4).

Heavy is the head that wears a crown, indeed. With “Some Guy”, King Ezekiel finally gets his own episode, and TWD narrows its focus on him and his group (Carol, Jerry, etc.) and the completion of their mission against the Saviors, with a brief drop-in by Rick and Daryl. As a result, this episode […]

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