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Andy Summers and Robert Fripp.

Here’s a few photos to go with your music.

19 FEB 2007 Troops in Contact

An Alamo in central Iraq. 19 FEB 2007

The town of Tarmiyah lies about 15 miles north of Camp Taji. About half way to the sprawling airbase at Balad on the banks of the Tigris River, Tarmiyah had long been the home of insurgent activity. During OIF 2 it was a known hotspot to us […]

17 FEB 2007 Apaches rescue the Cavalry

Tigris River, 17 February, 2007 “You guys really are angels on our shoulder!”

This weather sucks. I am walking to the TOC from the trailer, trying to avoid mud puddles and occasionally looking over toward the tall antenna on the west side of the camp next to Route Tampa to see if it is visible. […]

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Avicii. Hey, Brother…there’s an endless road to rediscover…

Remembering 2 brother aviators who gave everything they had 7 years ago today in An Najaf, Iraq. If you care to read my version of that day’s events click through below:


The Little Documentary That Could

That’s one badass-mofo, and there’s also an Apache in that pic.

Kenn Christenson’s short documentary film entitled; First Attack, The History of the 1-227th Aviation Regiment (narrated by Nick Searcy) has been selected for showing at the Rome (GA) International FIlm Festival.

If you are in the area on SEP 6th feel free to […]

6 Years Ago Today (originally posted 2 FEB 2011)

We lost two great cavalrymen.


RIP CSM Basil Plumley

Dismounting now at Fiddler’s Green. Well done CSM!

Made famous to many by Sam Elliot’s portrayal of him in the Mel Gibson film, “We Were Soldiers”, CSM Plumley served his country in three wars. To the men of the 7th Cavalry on those days in Vietnam he served as an anchor and an inspiration.




You’ll Never See This Again

While surfing the INTERNET I found this report done by CBS News in 1965. It’s a fairly straight up report. Something I could never imagine seeing done today by any network, much less CBS. Highly recommended to anyone interested in military history.

My Old Unit Kicks Some Ass…OEF 11-12

Warriors! Attack!