Aces High!

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden, sits in Fokker DR1 Triplane

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer for Iron Maiden, continues to prove Iron Maiden may be the heavy metallist of the heavy metal bands, by leading a WW1 dogfight in his own Fokker DR1 Triplane over this year’s Sonisphere. Metal Hammer has the details:


Super Fly (Over)

This video is a few years old, but NFL Films did this on pregame flyovers and it’s pretty awesome. I love the reaction shots of the players and coaches… nothing impresses like raw power and speed. When the planes are yours it’s like being an awestruck kid. There’s even some helicopter love for Outlaw.


This Might Come In Handy Running From Drug Cartels


Yet another extreme stunt from the stupid set. Whatever… if these monkeys want to risk their necks providing me cool videos then, Dance monkey! Dance! But then I grew up on Evel Knievel and Joey Chitwood so I’m partial to this stuff.


Some Regulation is a Good Thing

Pilot in deadly crash denied permission to fly solo,

Sometimes the regulatory system serves a purpose.

These Asses is Dumb

Some things make you stupider upon seeing them… in the words of that great Polish-American philosopher… these folks “dare to be stupid”.

h/t: NRO The Corner

The Planes in Iran Fall Mainly in the Plains

This is cool and scary (don’t watch JimmyC). This is a video taken from C-130 refueling plane which just happened to catch the crash of an Iranian military jet in Iran from 2009.

From the YouTube site comes this correction of the video’s title:

The IRIAF Il-76MD “Simorgh” jet was destroyed in an accident […]

Happy Anniversary!

Mrs. Turbo and I are in San Diego this weekend celebrating our 14th anniversary (really Feb. 8).  Also having an anniversary… the Navy is celebrating 100 years of Naval aviation with a 200 plane parade and flyover of Coronado Bridge and around the island.  Awesome!  Story at the link below.

No… I’m […]