Detain Eh?

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (inset) and fighters of the al-Qaeda linked Islamic State of Iraq Photo: REUTERS

Who is al-Baghdadi? He’s a former U.S. detainee that the Obama Administration released back in 2009. No doubt he has been rehabilitated. The Daily Telegraph has the story:

The FBI “most wanted” mugshot shows a tough, swarthy figure, […]

Nothing To See Here, Move Along…

From the Jawa Report

Yeah, like Barry said “they are on the run.”

Arab: Sprung

Well now who didn’t see something like this ever happening?

Ali Harzi was one of two Tunisians named in October by the Daily Beast website as having been detained in Turkey over the violence in which Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, and three other American officials were killed.

“The judge decided […]

This is Why You Keep Combatants Detained

Al Qaeda, Gitmo Connection Seen In Consulate Attack, Sources Say. Liberals are verifiably dangerous

That revelation comes on the same day a top Obama administration official called last week’s deadly assault a “terrorist attack” –the first time the attack has been described that way by the administration after claims it had been a “spontaneous” […]

He’s a Super Phreak

Grandpa, patriot who goes by ‘The Raptor’ claims credit for taking down Al Qaeda websites,

Don’t screw with America or grandpa you jihadist peckerwoods.

Al Qaeda Says US Teacher Killed Over Christian Beliefs

Al Qaeda Says US Teacher Killed Over Christian Beliefs, – Sent via the FOX News Android App.

Rat Farts!!!

Osama Bin Laden told his children to live peacefully in the West where they would get a good education, his brother-in-law has revealed.

Zakaria al-Sadah, whose sister is the fifth wife of the Al-Qaeda leader, said Bin Laden did not want his children and grandchildren following in the same path of terrorism like him. […]

Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove

In Somalia, al-Qaeda seems to have shifted tactics — to a new and more insidious one… from The New York Times:

Al Qaeda is not known for its philanthropic activities, but this weekend in Somalia the terrorist group appears to have branched into a new business: distributing humanitarian aid.

In a surreal scene, a man […]


“Sir, you can remove the disguise now.”

So we now have confirmation that we have fully transitioned from Dick Cheney — the second most dangerous Vice President in American history — back to pre-1990s model Veeps. Poor Joe Biden… not even our greatest enemies respected him. From the UK Telegraph‘s Toby Harnden:

US officials […]

Justice Delayed is Just Politics

The Obama Administration has agreed to let a convicted al-Qaeda operative who was sentenced to 40 years be transferred to Canada who will then most likely parole the man after 30 months or so. From McClatchy:

A military jury on Sunday gave teen terrorist Omar Khadr a 40-year prison sentence for killing an American commando […]