In addition to reading Larry Elder’s 10 Things You Can’t Say in America in the late 90s, I cite my turning point to leave the Democrats in my rearview as the moment I finally realized they no longer were the party of John F. Kennedy and his “Ask not what your country can do for […]

I’ve seen the future and it should be …

… Kira Davis, telling it like it is. What say you, GOP “leadership”? What say you, Threedonia Nation? What say you, BarryO?

From now on the official party strategy should be to only send minority Republicans to do public events/interviews/appearances. Every picture, every brochure, every interview, every meet and greet, everyTHING the GOP does […]

Who’s da boss?

Sadly, not Zo.

Confusion (here come the drums)!!!

Elvis is dead … and ditto the Chili Peppers. Too bad after such an amazing album last year, too.

Somebody said fair warning … (bumped)

UPDATE: From the “Let’s try this again” files, Republican Party Animal extraordinaire David Stein will be Radio Free Threedonia’s guest at 5:15 PM PST. If you have any questions for David, 888-764-2563 or Skype ID RightTalkRadio. If you’re otherwise engaged, the podcast will be up later tonight. If you’re in Southern California, Hollywood’s Five0Four will […]

And that's the double truth, Ruth!

Hereby nominating AlfonZo Rachel to replace Michael Steele as the head of the RNC. Any seconds to the nomination?

Turn It Up Tuesday -- In a US of A mood

Gotta tell ya, folks, when Santa Monica Boulevard, in the heart of Beverly Hills, fills up with 400+ patriots of all walks of life — as emcee Pat Boone reminded us, not Republicans or Democrats, but citizens — I’m feeling all the better about the upcoming mid-term elections. God knows what BS the left’s going […]

Funk, schmunk

It’s Ozz-Fest weekend ’round these parts, so a brief divergence from the Funky Friday Flashback. Solidarnosc, MFers!!! That’s right, Trzupek, you’ll dig the first video the most. Stosh, too.

Video below the break because it’s autoplay:


'Zo strikes again

Plus a similar little somethin’-somethin’ also serving as a teaser to the in-progress (and Matt Helm-endorsed) “Weird Al” list …

Radio Free Threedonia XIV — AlfonZo Rachel

Liberals, you have only yourselves to blame for making AlfonZo Rachel the internet phenom and PJTV mainstay he’s become. We on the right thank you … a lot.

Zo lets loose on how God has shined His blessings down on his rapid rise to prominence as a spokesperson for the conservative movement, the power […]