Jack Marino, AlfonZo Rachel. AlfonZo Rachel, Jack Marino

Two warriors, one Warrior Filmmaker Radio Show — tonight, 8 PM PST on LA Talk Radio Channel 2. Call in to 818-602-4929 with any questions/commments.


The Devil’s Been Busy …

Rockin’ the PJTV one more time, ZoNation variety this time, sincerely hoping BarryO doesn’t hurt him/herself while bashing Republicans instead of examining eye-logs …

“Bonus” clips from 1990 below the fold …

Radio Free Threedonia 7/26/11 — Republican Party Animal David Stein

Live, schmive. RF3D kicked it back to our early days with a free-for-all all podcast-style — now available with the general click in this direction — before our guest David Stein joined the funsanity. July 30th, Hollywood, $15. You need nothing else.

Today’s podcast also featured new music from “Weird Al” and Queensryche.


Radio Free Threedonia -- 10/3/10 (Updated)

Though Zo’s call strangely dropped before we wrapped, still fewest technical difficulties ever — including starting on time and no computer crashes — and a fun time with PJTV’s AlfonZo Rachel and “Verdict for America” author Bill Ponath, aka, the “Common sense judge.” No RF3D next week, so plenty of time to enjoy the […]