Her Tears Taste Like Bacon

New Archer coming in January!

Total Sploosh!

FX’s show Archer has been renewed for it’s 4th season.

This video is from the first season, but it’s still great…and NSFW.

One Week!

Archer returns on FX 19 JAN!


Not To Say I Told You So…

If there is one thing you can count on “Joe” to do, it is something that he is not supposed to.

Like connecting unauthorized hard-drives to the network. If there’s a way to f@#k something up “Joe” will find it, guaranteed.

As I postulated previously HERE, someone was doing something they weren’t supposed to.

From […]

Fans of Archer Rejoice!

A special 3 episode preview to Season 3 starts tonight at 10:30 EDT on FX!

Birthday Tip for Outlaw

Keep these things in mind as you transition to the civilian workforce Outlaw…

I Can’t Wait!

Archer, Season 2 starts next month.

Russians Just Love The Honey Pot

Alleged Russian Spy, Anna Chapman

Just ask Clayton Lonetree, if you can find him.

The “Honey Pot” as explained by “Archer”

Here’s the scoop courtesy of our good friends at STRATFOR

The Dismantling of a Suspected Russian Intelligence Operation July 1, 2010 | 0856 GMT

By Fred Burton and Ben West

The U.S. […]