Sunday Open Thread

Winter at Arlington National Cemetery

There’s Free Speech and then there’s this…

Lindsey Stone

Meet Lindsey Stone. She posted this picture taken on a work trip to Washington DC as an example of her questioning authority and being a rebel. I have since seen it reposted many times on Facebook with all sorts of suggestions about what should be done with Ms. Stone. This is without […]

I Will Not Quit My Post Until Properly Relieved…

When every Soldier enters the US Army they learn a set of rules called the General Orders. The First General Order is: I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved.

The men of the Old Guard are charged with guarding among other things […]

So Horrible It Defies Description

From BlackFive via the American Legion website BurnPit comes the continuing horror of the mismanagement and ineptitude at Arlington National Cemetery.

With a rotting corpse and the putrid stench of death permeating the air, a worker removes a dog tag from the coffin lid, wipes off the dirt, and hands it to the father. The […]