Open the door, let ’em in …

Before I hear Pete Rose do his usual “Hey, look at me!!!” squawking on the Baseball Hall of Fame inductee announcement day, I’ll take Biggio, Schilling, Raines and/or Morris for the Class of 2013, please. Don’t worry, Mssrs. Bagwell and Piazza, I like you guys for next year’s class. Here’s Joe Posnanski’s thoughts on […]

Bonds Issue

It doesn’t look good for our man Barry “US Pen” Bonds.

Barry Bonds admits using steroids during his baseball career, his lawyer told a jury Tuesday. The catch is that Bonds’ personal trainer misled him into believing he was taking flax seed oil and arthritis cream.

“I know that doesn’t make a great story,” […]

Radio Free Threedonia — 1/9/11 (now with actual link to show)

Featuring music from Unknown Hinson (the feller above), Daniel, a pneumonia-recovering Kender and Eric were all around the cyber-dial today, in the first hour touching on the Rep. Giffords tragedy in Tucson, notably the mainstream media’s absolute lack of responsibility in pointing motivational fingers with little to no evidence to support their narratives. Yes […]

I Don't Care If I Never Get Back

Anyone who has known me at any time over the last 30-plus years figures out pretty quickly how much I love baseball, or what my little league coach fondly refers to as “the greatest game in the world.” Sure, some people find it boring, dismissing its languid pace for the flashier basketball or more-bang-for-buck […]