Get off his lawn!!!

This garden gnome parody is not far from actual size.

The magnificent mocking mind of David Stein, at it again. This time, a certain former height-challenged acquaintance of mine feels Dave’s ridicule.

“For too long, our country has allowed the reckless accumulation of acquaintances,” Costas said. “Anyone can just go out and get an […]

Selective Memory

h/t: Twitchy and Hugh Briss @FoolsihReporter

And hat tip E… as I say in the comments — a picture this awesome deserves its own thread.

Tell it like it is

Comedian Thierrion Kagan, laying the smack-down on Bob Costas. Oh, how the once mighty, even those of the 5-foot-nothin’ variety, have fallen in my eyes. Be sure to check out the rest of Thierrion’s column.

After Costas recapped the events in Kansas City, he haughtily scolded those who need tragedies like this to keep […]

Just in time for baseball season

After a little more than three years of marriage, you learn to just live with certain things, even upon discovering you live with a Major League infidel …

Manning Up

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NBCSports Channel had a great two hour townhall meeting hosted by Bob Costas (part of a show called “Costas Tonight”) on the state of the NFL. They talked a […]

The WTF Clip of the Decade

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Yes it’s a young decade, but I’m ready to award that title to this interview of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State University assistant football coach, by NBC’s […]

It was inevitable


Now resuming regularly scheduled summer programming

As the World Cup focus wanes significantly now that the US has been eliminated (being an American with Euro-mutt ancestry, though, I still have the German and Slovakian dogs in the hunt), plus the 2010 Little League’s conclusion this past week means no umping (i.e., the best seat in the house) till next year, […]

Looking for Oscar — Top of the Ninth

So this little continuing saga must end (apparently none too soon for Floyd, aka Mr. NFL).

For those who remember the almost-forgotten Bottom of the Third and all of the Fourth innings, fear not. I had to dig up the VHS masters to transfer to digi-files this week, but they will be seen. We’ll […]

Looking for Oscar — It’s Baaaaack!!!

Experiencing some technical difficulties with the end of Chapter Three and all of Chapter Four, so having some Tarantino-esque fun by airing chapters slightly out of order. Hope to have the problem remedied soon, but until then, the material starts getting a little looser with Chapter Five – Nicknames …