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“A little more volume in the headphones, please …”

Might as well start with my fave song of 2012, then get to the other goodies … and some of Threedonia’s faves in the comments.

Is this heaven? Nope, it’s Madison Square Garden.

Said it before, will say it again: Foo Fighters my fave mainstream rock band of the last 15 years. You like the below clip, click the link for a couple more moments of awesome.

Hall of Fame, Corrected (Vol. 11)

A band with no Top 40 hits or an album which got higher than #117 on the Billboard Top 200. Still, the melding of melody within punk’s brasher elements they perfected like few others set the standard for countless indie (and indie-to-major labels) bands in the 80s and 90s. Also, no Husker Du, no Foo [...]

T minus 5 days and counting

Of course, with all the re-counts the crybabies will assuredly want, next Wednesday may be too soon to start celebrating the US of A’s turn back onto freedom corner …