Saturday Song

RIP, Bon Scott

33 years ago today we lost one of rock’s all-time greatest front-men. Thanks for the brief yet glorious catalog, Bon, and truly hope hell’s as bad a place as you envisioned. What can I say? Some people wanna watch their afterlife burn.

Let there be Threedonia’s AC/DC faves in the Comments section.


If it’s not Sco’ish, it’s crrrrrap!!! (updated)

Happy Tartan Day, Threedonians! All these years of being a Czech/Slovak/English/Welsh/Scots/Irish/German mutt and I inexplicably don’t find out about yet another legit excuse to wreck my liver a day to celebrate a wee bit of my heritage till this week. I really gotta start paying better attention to the Livingstons and Veatches in the family. […]

Turn It Up Tuesday -- Masters of Ceremony

While the rock and roll live experience certainly means different things to different people, I see a concert, I want to be entertained. Sounds obvious, right? Well, yes and no. Some people want to hear the hits, exactly as they appear on the albums. Others prefer rarities and/or mixing up the phrasings (that’s me). Others […]

Ride On

The mighty Bon Scott would have turned 63 today. Though I sincerely doubt he’d have made it this far — Keef’s got the most charmed of all their lives — still nice to have all the tunes from a life that most certainly burned twice as hard and half as long…