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Talk without speaking …

Thanks to the wonderful 21st century invention known as pausing and fast-forwarding through live TV, the Super Bowl blackout became a moot point. Instead, Chez Porvaznik wrapped up watching the recently purchased Led Zeppelin Celebration Day blu-ray which had been part of the pre-game festivities. As if we didn’t know we weren’t missing a […]

The Biggest Loser

Chris Christie’s moment is over. I feel dirty for even considering him as presidential for a fleeting moment.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie poked fun at his weight on the “Late Show With David Letterman” on Monday, consuming a doughnut during his first appearance on the late-night show.

A few seconds after sitting down with […]

Lara’s Theme

CBS’ Lara Logan calls BS on the Obama Administration over lies about Libya and Afghanistan.

CBS News and “60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan took the gloves off last week, dropping her role as a disinterested journalist and delivering a speech in Chicago that criticized the Obama administration over its handling of the war in […]

I’ll Take Things That Are Fragile and Overpriced for $800 Alex.

Keith Olbermann compares himself to an expensive chandelier to David Letterman,

Which begs the question… How the heck did Olbermann get on Letterman to begin with? If anyone needs anymore proof that David Letterman is in the Leftist tank then this is surely that. More people go to Instapundit than saw Keith Olbermann […]

Ain’t that a kick in the head?

Well, isn’t this funny, non-haha variety, seeing the so-called “independent, mainstream press” complaining about lack of access and/or accountability from the White House. Sorry, ABCBSMSNBCNN. You’ve been too busy carrying the President’s water, you forgot to do your jobs as journalists and not holding the President accountable for the last 2+ years, so your […]

Coulter, Limbaugh were considered to vet CBS “Rathergate” mess

The New York Observer has a fascinating story on the Dan Rather lawsuit against CBS. In the thousands upon thousands of documents, e-mails, memos and what else, was a list of possible conservatives to serve on an independent panel to investiate Memo-gate (or what Little Green Footballs would call later, “a sh*tload of unique […]