Charles Durning — R.I.P.

Charles Durning, D-Day hero, boxer who once boxed at Madison Square Garden, and multiple award-winning actor has died at age 89:

Durning’s rugged early life provided ample material on which to base his later portrayals. He was born into an Irish family of 10 children in 1923, in Highland Falls, New York, a town […]

Gotta get back in time

All the talk of Midway and Tora! Tora! Tora! got me in the mood for some other WWII-era faves, both sci-fi/time-travel, and sadly neither of which are showing on the DirecTV lineup anytime soon (alas, for the days of Cleveland’s channel 43 or Youngstown’s channel 33, where b-movies reigned supreme in the pre-VHS era […]