For those non-Facebookers (Facebooking?), some down time with international film & television star (and Peabody Award winner) Nick Searcy.

EPA = Backdoor Man

Somebody at the Environmental Protection Agency takes too much policy guidance from Chris Rock standup routines. Rumors — let’s call it “truth” — were circulating that the EPA was planning on banning lead — as in lead bullets. You see the lead was poisoning the environment and killing animals. Yeah.. I know. A bunch […]

Last nine or ten watched

In a weird switch in priorities I’ve actually been watching more movies than listening to music over the last few weeks. So, with the co-opt blessing of Mr. JohnFNWayne, who reported a little earlier with the multitudes of movies recent fatherhood has afforded him the time to see (mostly at 3 AM), my recent, er, […]

Good Advice from Chris Rock

I’m a teaching a course this semester on mass media and portrayals of the criminal justice system, crime, and criminality. Today is Rodney King day… I’ll have to show this Chris Rock classic. Language is NSFW or kids Tracy!

From the Trailer Park

Well, looky here. I got to the theatre for the first time since The Hangover and I’m flush with afternoon posts.

Jaw absolutely dropped when the below popped up in the previews. Not sure if I was more offended/embarrased the AMC and/or studio management felt the need to attach it to The Book of Eli […]

Chris Rock Gets It

On Roman Polanski… and dogs!

Also one other point of clarification regarding the law and 13 year olds…. “Statutory” rape refers to sexual intercourse with whatever age a jurisdiction deems too young to give lawful consent. It’s “rape” regardless of the facts. A 13 year old could ask, beg, plead with, give $1 MM […]

Hump Day