Gooooooooo, victim!!!!!

What do you do when the Department of Defense’s Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute offers nine suggestions on how a bystander should nonviolently deal with rapists … and produce an instructional video to accompany it? Well, if you’re Counter Contempt’s David Stein, you mercilessly expose the DoD/DEOMI for the joke they are … and produce […]

Get off his lawn!!!

This garden gnome parody is not far from actual size.

The magnificent mocking mind of David Stein, at it again. This time, a certain former height-challenged acquaintance of mine feels Dave’s ridicule.

“For too long, our country has allowed the reckless accumulation of acquaintances,” Costas said. “Anyone can just go out and get an […]

Speaking of tolerance …

… Counter Contempt’s David Stein had some filth-flarn-filth thrown his direction over the weekend, via Million Muppet Puppet Marcher Chris Mecham. Seems some people can’t take any satirical heat.

Obama won, so it didn’t influence a damn thing. So you’d think that victorious Mr. Mecham would just be able to laugh it off, pop […]

I would rather drink six razor blades

Young Democrats like Justin Chenette may think their vision of the United States’ future would thrive most effectively in a collectivist environment, but methinks we’ve already seen how that movie ends. Counter Contempt’s David Stein agrees. Be sure to check out the whole column for more nifty-cool historical reminders.

What is wrong, massively, horrifically wrong, […]

These may have been the droids you were looking for?

But wait, there were more???

Lost in all the hubbub last week about the atrocious (and recently redacted) “redesigned flag” that the Obama campaign featured on its website as part of the “Artists for Obama” project, was one of the other four logos chosen by Team Obama.


No horse-heads … yet

To bum a sentiment from David Stein by way of Michael Corleone, just when you think all the fuss about David’s take-down of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s intellectual dishonesty re. Gov. Rick Perry’s Muslim curriculum had seen its last, they pull him back in to the fray. Be sure to check out David’s whole […]

Agent Pepper-Spray Orange

Mercilessly mocking the loony left, still one of our greatest weapons, and David Stein does it oh-so-well in his latest Counter Contempt column. If you like the below — and who besides maybe BarryO wouldn’t? — be sure to check it out in its entirety.

“Ebay … I don’t think I can ever […]