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Look out Canteen Boy!

The Boy Scouts of America seem poised to force me to take my son out of their organization… sad.

Imagine that a group of girls is going on a long camping trip, supervised by adult volunteers who are young men you barely know. Would you let your 15-year-old daughter go?

Nearly every parent, I [...]

Huge Felines

Democrats need a hug after raping the Constitution I guess. OK so some have been threatened (at least they say… quite frankly I don’t believe them.)

John Hinderaker comments on these “threats” at Power Line:

We condemn political violence in virtually all circumstances; certainly in all circumstances that could arise in our democracy. Threats [...]

You Didn’t Say Anything About “No Oil For Blood”.

John Bullshit officially jumps the shark. From The Times of London:

The British government decided it was “in the overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom” to make Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, eligible for return to Libya, leaked ministerial letters reveal.

Gordon Brown’s government made the decision after discussions between Libya and BP [...]

Because Yale Won’t

Muhammad “Sower of Discord” in the Eighth Circle of Hell — Dante’s Inferno — illustration by Gustave Dore.

Why Yale has officially jumped the shark as an institution — banning images of Muhammad in a book ABOUT images of Muhammad entitled The Cartoons That Shook the World. From the New York Times (Linked above):