R.I.P. — Marvin Miller

The passing of Marvin Miller will have some folks thinking he’s on his way to have St. Peter open up the Pearly Gates for him, a savior who secured for professional athletes a negotiating power they previously never possessed. Others will be convinced he’s on the Hell Express, a minion of Satan who pushed the […]

Hall Bound?

Love that “Whitey” Herzog’s finally in the Hall of Fame today, and nice to see another former Expo in Andre Dawson inducted as well. However, if the “Hawk” is in, would be nice to find a place for Bill Madlock — multiple NL batting champ, plus .305 lifetime average better than Jim Rice — as […]

Curt Flood – Sadly, too forgotten

Just when I didn’t think I could groan anymore when looking at the salaries guys like Manny Ramirez, Mark Texeira and CC Sabathia will get over the off-season, I’m reminded it wasn’t always like that for athletes. Yes, to very loosely paraphrase the Beatles, once there was a way … to legally screw […]